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I find I have a terrible memory. I often confuse things that happened during my days at Tufts University and University of Chicago. I can't remember people at all. I have horrible problems remembering what I did when. I recently met someone I knew in college and he remembered a karaoke club that I took him to that has completely disappeared from my memory. Anyway...

I've found that digging up old web entries from the past has helped me reconstruct my memory. I'm finding, having jumped into blogging rather agressively, that it is beginning to create an interesting trail of entries that will probably be very useful to me in the future. So, this blog is serving two important purposes. Publishing my thoughts, but also externalizing my memory function.

I remember once when John Lilly was invited to a conference in Japan about John Lilly, he was asked to comment after almost a full day of people discussing his life and his work. He said, "you all know MUCH more than I will ever be able to remember so there's not much for me to say." or something like that. ;-)

There is a Wired News article - Blog to Cope With Alzheimer's Fog
I found the link on Media coverage of weblogs


Did you see the movie Memento? After watching it I started to get worried about some of my memory aids like leaving things that I must not forget in my shoes by the door. Also, I blogged a really difficult time of my life about a year so ago and I'm amazed at how much I have reprogrammed my memories since that time. If I look back to that time I view it from my current perspective. If I read my blog, I see it as I saw it then. Scarily different sometimes.

Official Memento site.

I didn't see Memento...

I have the same problems with agreement that I signed a long time ago. ;-) (just kidding)

It is really interesting how the mind creates realities. I have memories from my childhood which I can't whether they are real or exist because my mother kept telling us the story about the incident. I wonder if dreaming has anything to do with this...