Engin01, the cultural non-profit that I helped start is having an offsite meeting at one of the most famous temples in Japan, Koyasan. There are no hotels to stay in, just temples. I will be staying in a temple with Mizuka, Yanai-san of Pia and his wife Makiko-san. I will be bringing my camera and computer, so I may be able to bring my blog with me, but if I am out of touch for a few days, sorry! I'll upload stuff when I get back.


"Koya-san be World Heritage!"

Great mountain top monastery experience, but perhaps even more aew-inspiring is the immense necropolis, where hundreds of thousands of Japanese folks are buried, some beneath corporate monuments. The mist and quiet at night is wonderful.

I visited at Koya-san two months ago with my Mom; staying at a small temple, attending morning Shingon services, eating vegetarian, and going for long walks. Good traditional religion counterbalance to relentless technology culture. No wireless access!

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