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Just finished an intense weekend in Geneva at the Global Leaders for Tomorrow Summit 2002. This was one of the best conferences I've ever attended. The Global Leaders of Tomorrow is a group of 100 or so people under the age of 37 that are chosen by the World Economic Forum every year. Then for 3 years or so, these leaders attend an annual meeting in September in Geneva and a meeting at Davos during the WEF Annual Meeting. By the time you "graduate" you end up with quite an interesting network of friends. The group is very diverse. There are probably around 40% women and 40% non-business people. Geographically, members are from everywhere. Afghanistan, Africa, Arab countries, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. We have some rather important government officials as well as successful business people. It really shows how young people are able to rise much more quickly in other countries than in Japan. This year, the only two members from Japan were me and Oki Matsumoto. I think there are more Turkish women who are members than Japanese... This is the first year I attended the summit. The meeting at the Davos annual meeting was less focused because the WEF Annual meeting was going on at the same time. Since this summit is just for the GLT's it was much friendlier and more focused.

Also, the meeting took place in the headquarters of the World Economic Forum. The location was beautiful. It is situated on the lake across from the WTO and the UN. The building was a very nice design. According to the staff, the cost of the office is still less than the average office cost in Geneva.

This year, Oki and I were in charge of setting up a booth called "Blueprint for Tomorrow's Japan Task Force" and I was the Rapporteur for the brainstorming session called "Rebuilding Modern Politics: Can the System Fix Itself?". I originally thought that the rapporteur was the facilitator. I thought that rapping was like... you know. rapping... Anyway, I found out later that the Rapporteur was supposed to listen, take notes and write a report! I quit college because I hated taking notes and writing reports...