Jane wrote in the last item about self-censorship. Well, this morning I had a good chance to test it out.

I had added a comment to the last entry about a wild night last night. It had some pretty graphic stuff like Takemoto-san giving Jun a big kiss, and was a BIT too much, so I deleted it.

Obviously I was more drunk than I thought. It had the tell-tale bad spelling. Some of the worst emails I've ever sent were sent when I had had too much to drink. The REALLY SCARY thing is that you can really think you are sober when you writing these stupid things. Last night I remember thinking about whether it was appropriate and trying to figure out how drunk I was. Well, whatever I thought, I was wrong. ;-o

So now I've just discovered another interesting thing about blogs. Unless someone copies and saves or crawles and caches your entry, you have a little time to delete it before it becomes final. This is better than email where once you hit send, it's sent.

So, I apologize to anyone who read my last comment and thought it was in bad taste. On the other hand, I apologize to those who didn't read it and are now wondering what it said. ;-)


It seems to me that any button labeled "Forget Personal Information" should do something like this...

Google spiders probably never got to your entry - so you probably deleted it in time.

As I mentioned in my previous comment, blogs seem to hang on the edge of permanence - on one side - grabbing that permalink - and claiming their place in cyberspace, while on the other hand - always offering it's author the ability to endlessly revise, censor, relieve embarassment or just be deleted.

There have been many times in my life, where I wished I could take back what I said or wrote - but then I realize I have to be proud of who I am, and what I say - even if the 'alcohol' influenced me (which is not true in my case.)

As time goes on - more sophisticated tools will support - freezing words and media - in time - while on the other side - I bet some 'investment bankers' and 'analysts' would like to take back some of the words they spewed in the late 90's!

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