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Seiji Ozawa conducted a performance of Giacomo Puccini's Madame Buttefly as part of the 30th anniversary. I was completely tired so I admit I nodded off a few time at the first half, but generally it was great. It was a Chinese chorus, Japanese orchestra, Japanese conductor and a global team of performers. The curtain call involved former Prime Minister of Japan Mori going on stage with everyone else and taking pictures together. I guess Mr. Mori was here because Koizumi-san, who was a co-organizer of the event got un-invited because he went to Yasukuni Shrine and honored the war dead. That still seems pretty stupid to me. Are a few right wingers more important than our relationship with China? I guess to the LPDLDP they are... Anyway...


Silly editorial comment:

How about the following changes:

'an our' ->
'than our'

'LPD' ->

Please feel free to erase this comment (-;

I agree about the silliness of the shrine stuff.

Thanks for the editorial comments. I was breaking one of my new golden rules. "Don't drink and blog." Maybe I should expand the rule to just "don't drink." Drinking leads me to munching and munching leads me to obesity and liver disfunction... anyway, I guess that doesn't have anything to do with Madame Butterfly...

Always have wanted to see a performance of Butterfly-san with real Japanese and Japanese customs instead of as here Caucasians made up as Japanese enduring hours of make up to make them look Asian and Puccini's imagined Japanese lifestyle. I would imagine that this would give the Opera an air of authenticity that

Just curious ifthe fellow who played Butterfly-san's American lover was a real American or someone there played him.

I state this because I have seen Porgy and Bess done by American Blacks and it was better than the blackface productions I had seen.