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Keigo pondering the notion of blogs...
Keigo "Cornelius" Oyamada is my cousin. Actually, he is my second cousin. But I think we are closer than our relative cousins. When my mother was going through a financially tough period, his family was as well and we ended up living next door to each other in a dumpy Love Hotel in Shibuya that was turned into an apartment building. At the time, he was always getting into trouble at his Jr. High and I was hanging around in Shibuya catching rats at the train station with my friends...

Anyway, since then, he has become a big rock star. He started out his career creating a band called Lollipop which later changed its name to Flippers Guitar. Flippers Guitar became quite famous, but eventually broke up and he parted ways with his partner Ozawa. He then started using the name "Cornelius" and preaching "Ape Shall not Kill Ape!" He again became a big hit leading the Japan indies movement. He was unique in that he wasn't a product of the Japanese mass media machine and really started his career on the street and in little clubs.

Anyway, now he has a kid and worries about his mother and stuff, but he still rocks. He just finished a tour of the US where he and his crew took a bus from city to city playing in a different town every night and sleeping in the bus and lugging his stuff around with the crew. He played at the Metro in Chicago where I learned how to party, DJ and worked briefly as a DJ. Later I brought a team from Metro/Smartbar to Tokyo to run XY Relax in Roppongi...

When I first started my web page back in 1993, we set him up with his first web page. I told him earlier this week that blogging was the biggest thing since then and told him that he should come over and let me explain it to him. I had just finished having Ryu Murakami and Ryuichi Sakamoto tell me "so what's so new about blogs..." so I was wary... I tried to explain to Keigo that the the important thing was the speed, that he could write himself and the network. He should not only have a fan site, he should encourage his fans to start their own blogs... I think he "got it." He promised to try it out.

This blog evangelism is quite difficult with people who 1) already have a mailing list, 2) already have a web page or 3) have a great web development team already. I find that people who don't want to learn html and have always felt frustrated in not being able to write stuff directly like Takemura-sensei are natural.

He current has a pretty cool official web page.


Wow, that's so cool. I was watching a videotape a few weeks ago of videos by artists on one of the indie labels here in the US and was reminded of how much I love the video he did for "Star Fruits Surf Rider". Any idea if he'll be blogging in English as well as Japanese?

Suggoi naa!..

I like Cornelius very very.
I found your blog-site while of searching for Cornelius.

If you'll see him, aisatsu shite onegai shimasu.

I saw Cornelius at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC and he did a Great show!!! I hear he's working on a new release soon....looking forward to it! Hope to see him in New York City again!!!!!