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Erik Bloodaxe... how Chris USED to look. ;-)
Chris Goggans posing next to the safe in my office. (The little Samurai thing is Jun's)
Had drinks last night with Chris. Chris used to go by the name of Erik Bloodaxe and was one of the co-founders of the "Legion of Doom", a notorious group of hackers, many of whom ended up getting arrested. He was also the editor of Phrack, a journal by and for hackers. Chris and I met at "Hacking In Progress" in 1997. Lucky Green convinced me to go and I think Chris was there with Bob Stratton. HIP was quite exciting. It was this amazing hackers conference with thousands of hackers in the middle of a forest near Amsterdam hacking in tents with ethernet strung around the whole place. We didn't have enough water, but there was IP everywhere... Anyway, Chris was there and it was the first time I met a hacker with real groupies...

Since then Chris and I have kept in touch and worked together several times where he broke into computers for me. (With permission of course.) He's become a regular in Japan since we started working together and now I get to see him a lot more. He has become quite well known in Japan for his practical manner and his skill. He has a great balance between being extremely professional and loving to break into computers. It's hard to find Japanese with this combination. It's either usually professional with no imagination or childish and imaginative... but I guess Chris is not entirely "unchildish"... Let's call him... "neotenous."

Anyway.. we go drinking occasionally and talk about "the old days", breaking into computers and other things that old hackers always talk about...

Having said that, both he and I have settled down QUITE A BIT since we first met. He's married and sits around watching movies and stuff... ;-)


Joi: seeing those two pictures up is really depressing me. Long-haired Freak Vs Pudgy Geek. Ugh. Remind me to work out or somthing.

It happens to the best us. I have a Russian friend who says that circumference is evidence of prosperity and merits respect. I can live with that.

My best wishes to both of you. this is the Erik Bloodaxe of today...what a transfiguration. I've read every issue of Phrack with wonderment. Thanks for the story, Joi

Fresh (via Gen Kanai's blog)

I had the pleasure in working with Chris for a while when I was at SDI. As the article says he really is a true professional in many ways. I consider myself very lucky to have worked with him. I had a great time in Florida and Boston...
Best wishes.

Dude! Chris sounds like a pretty nice guy. How come everyone gets to meet him but me?


How do you fell to workig for the goverment asshole Information want`s to bee free

Well, those same hackers eventually grow up to find aspiring careers with other hackers who grow up... The government is made up of humans, just like you, me, Chris or Joi. I used to never miss a 2600 meeting in NYC. Now I'm a cadet at the US Military Academy @ West Point. About the only thing that has changed is appearance and funding :-). Amazingly, all else stays the same. I still hack, just now I do it through the government somehow via "legal" routes. Works out pretty good. So reconsider, because there's more information once on the inside than trying to fight from the outside. And on top of it, I get paid to do this stuff AND get an education on how to do it. Seeing a picture.

Joi, I'm glad to have finally seen a picture of what both versions of Erik Bloodaxe look like.

Chris, I've been doing some readings on the LOD/MOD conflict from years past, and was just doing some research. I hope I get the opportunity to speak with you at some point.

Some of us are still out there! keep on hackin... erik lol

Damn buddy! What happened to the scrawny little kid I used to war dial with back in 1980? LOL. Step away from the pizza. If I saw you on the street I'd have no idea who you were till you said something. Of course I'll be able to pick out your voice till I die of old age.

Just thought I'd google ya and see what you were up to. Looks like you're still hackin. =)

We spent years of our lives on a fucking war when we could have been drunk together. What a fucking waste.

Hi there,
I am looking for an email for Mr. Goggans. After reading the book,"Cybershock" and reading chris's story, I was inspired to develope a character for a novel I am writing.

Jeez Chris,
Don't ya need glasses yet from staying home and
watching your extensive library of rare movies
over and over??? ;-)

Give me a call sometime ole friend!

Nuff Said-

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