Ruseel Beattie's excited that I blogged his blog. So I blog him again since I'm excited that he blogged me. I found a bad link on John Patrick's Blog so he was nice enough to put a link back to me. (This entry is a perfect excuse to return the favor. ;-) ) And as the links go round-and-round, and our google rankings go up-and-up, it feels great, but are we really getting anywhere? Well, the discussion about the Semantic Web is important and slightly relevant to what I do for a living.

Dave Winer quotes Russell in the context of procrastination which blogging can quickly become. Since Dave Winer is a "blog professional", I guess he should be allowed to blog all he wants.

I enjoy reading Russell Beattie's weblog, esp today as he writes about a book that teaches you how to get things done. It seems Russ is procrastinating on a grand project, by reading a book on how not to procrastinate. He has a wonderful quote from Will Rogers. "When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." Interesting. I do the opposite.

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