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I'm sitting on the inquiry committee where we are revising the consumer protection law. We're discussing provisions to protect whistleblowers. I'm very passionate about this issue. I think that with increasing ability to track people and profile them, we need to protect the identities of whistleblowers. I am proposing that anonymity and pseudonymity using privacy technology should be considered when writing the new law. Certain types of interactions with the government should be allowed in an anonymous way. Currently all whistleblowing and FOIA is on a fully disclosed ID basis without clear protection of the "list" that is created as a result...

The press are here in numbers. Probably because whistleblowing is more common in Japan these days and it is quite clear that they need to be protected.


Got to talk about my points...

Also, Dogs and Demons came in really handy when I was making my point about trying to include government, which is currently excluded. I talked about how foreign press are concerned about the combined cover-ups. If we don't have laws preventing people from dumping waste, it's much harder to blow the whistle. We can't rely on government to make these laws in the current structure. So, of course this goes beyond merely the whistleblower issue.

I also pushed the issue that the National ID and the lack of a working privacy bill is a huge chilling effect on whistleblowing...

As we get into the legal details it gets all very complicated. (As usual) Do we go for simplicity and speed or try to include everything. Do we make it a separate law or include it in the consumer protection law... Hmmm... I'm waiting in my car to meet Lawrence Lessig for dinner. I'll ask him for advice. Good timing. ;-)


I am a law student in the United States, and am working on a research paper on the impact of potential whistleblower legislation in Japan- is there any way to obtain transcripts of the inquiry committee, or are there any informational websites that can provide the most recent proposals for such laws?
any input would be very helpful, thanx-

Ken Ohashi

I'll look for some more, but here is one of the reports.

Hello Journalist,

My name is Ron Bath.

I was the insider making technical recommendations when they fired me for turning in a group of crooks in the NRC’s

Region 4 offices in Arlington, Texas for, among other things, running an internal counterfeit operation under Chairman Meserve’s nose.

I have knowledge of attempts to get the NRC to improve security measures prior to 911 that they ignored.

Seeking justice, I have been stonewalled and ignored by past Chairman Meserve and present Chairman of NRC Commissioners

Nil’s. J. Diaz for over three years now. I have been motivated to create and publish a web site to try and tell my story and to garner support.

Do you like a good David and Goliath story?

Here is what could be the next "Watergate".

After reading my story, if you believe I have merit, please help me.

My character and validity may be verified by three sources:

1. Jenny Weil, Journalist with Inside the NRC at Weil, Jenny []

2. Congressman Edward Markey’s Office, Contact Dr. Michele Freedhoff at Freedhoff, Michal []
3. My attorney Billie Pirner Garde of Clifford, Lyons and Garde, Washington, D.C. at,

I would be happy to speak with you, meet with you, or accommodate you in any manner you may suggest.

My case is in a holding pattern, and I am desperate to fine someone who cares to help me restore my family to what it was before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission fired me for reporting wrong doing and cost me my job, home, truck, life savings, credit and pride.

I plan to spend the rest of my life, if that is what it takes, looking to find someone like you that has the courage, honesty and position to help me right this tragic wrong that corrupt government officials have committed on me and my loved ones.

Can you help me? What can we do?

Please let me know how you feel.


Ron Bath

See pages 9 and 10 on airports story.

See page 10 for photo. Photo tells all.

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