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I'm starting to get bashed about not crediting for or getting too much credit for moblogging. A lot of stuff is out there and stuff is happening in parallel. I've tried to organize what I know about moblogging into an outline of stuff about moblogging and stuff about how to moblog. This is by no means complete. Can people please take a look and help me complete this resource list? I will keep it up to date.

moblog resources


A couple of corrections.

At 4:16pm on January 4th 2001 I first posted from my J-Phone via a Python script hooked up to Qmail. I'm certain I wasn't the first to moblog as I remember reading other about people doing it around then. I can quite confidently claim to be the first to post to LiveJournal from a mail enabled phone in Japan.

On February 5th I added a mobile phone logo to make it easier to see which were moblog entries.

Sometime after that, when I changed my phone the script got broken and on Aug 15th 2002 I fixed it an started posting from it again.

I prefer the spelling Stuart for my name :-).

Thanks for the mention!

Thanks Stuart. Sorry about the mistakes. Can you let me know when you first posted an image directly from your phone?

No problems!

The first image that worked was on Tuesday, November 26th, 2002. Coincidentaly, it was a picture of the DG office in Tomigaya that I had taken a few days previously that I was using as a test picture. I almost had it working about a week before that but got stuck. It was Justin's "Weblog to Moblog" article that really spurred me on to get it working.

Another first was the first post containing my GPS location posted on Sunday, November 10th, 2002. This is just a standard AU feature that allows you to paste a url to a site map in an email.

Just to throw my hat in the ring: I put up the hiptop photo gallery on Feb 18, 2002 as a way for Danger folks to show off their photographic prowess. It uses procmail and a simple perl script. Dave Bort improved it, and started sharing it with people, most notably Mike Popovic of Hiptop Nation fame.

Thanks Stuart and Michael. I've updated the outline. This is fun. ;-)

Maybe this chronology will get lots of people to slap their foreheads and say, I should JUST DO IT. ;-) It really isn't that hard. I want to hurry up and get to the next level though. Let's figure out this location stuff.

Speaking of slapping foreheads, I should have mentioned that on Oct 1, 2002, the day the T-Mobile Sidekick launched, I set up a moblog for the company so that employees could capture the event in words and pictures, and so that we would have an artifact of Danger's big day. In approximately 24 hours, 148 posts were made, containing 149 pictures. (Unfortunately this event blog isn't public because of some of the information in the posts.)

I know I'm nowhere near the first person to say this, but I strongly believe that massive real-time coverage of events is going to majorly impact society, and it's much, much closer than most people would think. So the launch-event blog was just my little experiment to see what it might look like...

Michael. I agree with you about the events. We did blog for a wedding that included a lot of stuff from mobile phones. It turned out well. (It's in Japanese)

not sure if this deserves a place in your moblog chronology, but I found this post (via a Google search as I was looking for email-to-web posting information) from an i-mode phone last January:

Al's Radio Weblog -- January 13, 2002

Hey Kurt. Thanks for this. I'm sure that if I dig around Japanese sites, I will find earlier postings to the web from i-mode, but I'll just keep track of the earliest one that finds me. ;-)

i'm also unsure of it's worthyness but i've been blogging from my sprint pcs phone since october twenty.sixth, about three quarters of the way thru two.thousand.two i decided to set up a sidebar for the mobile blog and have called it "oyayubizoku" [j-slang for "thumb culture"]. i have used wapblogger for every last one of my posts to oyayubizoku and i must say - so far so good.

i haven't done any pictures from the phone seeing as how sprint's vision network just launched and i can't justify buying a phone and camera just yet - but hopefully this is of some help to your moblogging research.

Hey Boogah, wapblogger is great. Thanks. I've added it to the resource list. Was your blog the first blog to use wapblogger? >plop

i doubt i was the first to use wapblogger - but i know i used it within the first couple days of it being live. also, pardon the juvenile first use but there was a joke amongst my friends that the internet has gone too far when you can complete simple tasks while using the toilet.

i guess the net has gone too far... ;)

Here's a fun moblogging first that I had forgotten about!

The first underwater moblog posting on 2001-01-06 at 15:09 from a submersible under the sea in Okinawa. I remember wondering when the signal would die when we went underwater but it lasted long enough for me to post an entry.

Even I suprised to find that one!!


found another script you might want to add to the "how to moblog" section, here (his permalinks don't work, see entry for Jan. 21):

"pblog is a basic script to allow posting of images from mobile phones (or any email enabled device).

it is perl based, and uses the blogger api to post to your blog. it will also automatically thumbnail the image."

has a link to a demo page as well....

Looking through your list of moblog hosting, and I think you should include It is lacking in some of the social aspects of a blog (links etc.) but it is in many ways more advanced than the other moblogs I've seen so far, epecially for a personal collection of memories.


The trouble with eachday, Lisa, is that it's not a moblog at all, it's a photo-archiving tool.

I was contacted by eachday's principal not too long ago, who thought I might be interested in writing about it. I had a look, and despite the fact that it's considerably more aesthetically pleasing than most sites of its nature, there's really not much one can say about it in terms of moblogging.

True, one can post a picture there from a camera phone. That might have been "advanced" and worthy of comment six months ago, but now it's rapidly becoming a default expectation. And as you note, it doesn't have any of the other features or interests that would locate it squarely within the practice.

It's kind of tangential, at best.

I thought Id take the opportunity to mention our site There is also an neutral weblog all about moblogging news and general developments including notable moblogs at
We are keen to establish a community of users and encourage as much feedback as possible so that we can build in the features that users want.

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