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The New Year's Moblog is going. Please take a look...


That is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. I tried to go get a phone cam today to add in a shot of New Years in Chicago for later but had no luck. :-( Anyway Happy New Year and catch ya later!

When will the moblog be viewable again?

Hi. Put it back up again. We had it set to turn on and off at GMT 0000 because we were worried about having to monitor the content. I guess we worried too much. I think we should have just kept it up and probably kept it open longer so more people could post from the later countries. Bunch little things to improve. Ahh well. Live and learn. It did turn out to be pretty interesting, although there weren't THAT many posts. We'll try to edit the templates and maybe publish the images under a CC licence so that other people can do stuff with them. I slide show would be cool. Anyone want to do it? ;-)


I was hoping I could set up the first keita-shashin blog in Japan, but I've been beaten. I have preordered the newest J-phone, coming out on Jan. 2 (I hope), which has built-in flash (the call signal light actually doubles as a flash) and 8X zoom.

akemashite omedetoo!

Mighty cool! You know, in a couple of days it will be 01-02-03 (at least the way it's written in the US). We could do it again then. Hey, a party is a party.