Hey Dave, when do we get to start using newMediaObject?

As a case in point: If hardware devices support the metaWeblog API, they'll need some method of directly uploading image/media files to a weblogging tool. Enter the (proposed) metaWeblog.newMediaObject method. As Joi writes:

It would be easier if someone added more image handling in the API.

Once Dave lifts the caveat, we'll support metaWeblog.newMediaObject in the next Movable Type release.


I just want to make sure everyone has had a chance to comment. Does that mean it's okay with Ben?? I'll put out a final call tomorrow morning, and if there are no objections I'll remove the caveat late tomorrow.

Cool! Thanks Dave!

Dave--the proposal for metaWeblog.newMediaObject looks good to us. We've now written a test implementation, and we just need to test it out.

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