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Domoto-san was very excited about find a busy bee in one of the flowers she picked.
Mizuka and I are with a small group of people in Chiba touring the countryside with Governor Domoto for two days. We visited several flower farmers today and had lunch at a restaurant where all of the fish were caught today. We're staying in a small hotel with a... pulse dial phone. ;-) Unfortunately, my PHS wireless Internet doesn't seem to work here. I brought my Hassy with me and most of my lenses. Hopefully I'll get some nice shots...

There is a strange similarity between camera gear and guns & ammo. Every place we stop, I have the trunk open snapping this on, reloading that, etc. Luckily, the bodyguard with Domoto-san is the one who likes to talk to me about cameras...

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They call it "shooting" for a reason ya know. Can't wait to see the pics. Always wanted a blad myself before I went all digital.

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