The Meta Network and the Electronic Networking Association were just about where it all started for me. My first real company was MDG Japan, a company that distributed Jcaucus (a Japanese version of the Caucus groupware product that MDG was marketing). The ENA was the first computer networking conference where we really started hashing a lot of the issues involving the scaling of online communities. We're still talking about a lot of the same things though... hmm...

Lisa Kimball
2003 is our 20th anniversary year for The Meta Network!

We are planning many festivities - including a linked-up set of celebrations the weekend of March 22-23.

We're also looking for artifacts, copies of conversations from the early years, and reminders of some of the highlights and special events we've shared on MetaNet.

If you have something to share or would like to know about special events, join the ANNIVERSARY conference on MetaNet and join the fun!


"The Meta Network and the Electronic Networking Association were just about where it all started for me."

Ditto. I was the editor of High^Lights from the Meta Network, a print newsletter based exclusively on our online conversations. It was a teaser to bring more people online. I was also a co-founder of the Electronic Networking Association and brought the name "Netweaver" to its online newsletter, of which I was one of the early co-editors with Lisa Kimball.

TMN was not only my first VC but also my very first email address! I just recently went through hoops to get it taken off the whois for one of my Web sites! -grin

Lisa and her group were incredibly supportive of newbies like myself. It's gratifying to see just how far online communities have developed since my old Metanet days.

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