Well, I'm leaving in 10 minutes for Narita airport to go to San Francisco. I look forward to seeing many of you in the Bay Area. I'm completely booked for the week I'm there, which is nice, since I will be seeing a lot of people, but not nice because I can't book any addition meetings. I need to spend more time in Silicon Valley. There's so much going on there these days. I'm sure I'll see many of you at the Stanford Law School - Spectrum Policy: Property or Commons? conference.

I'll be moblogging 'till I take off and should be able to moblog when I land with my Danger SK. So hopefully, I will "be in touch". I hope nothing important happens while I'm flying. If something happens, I hope it doesn't involve my plane.


If you're going to San Francisco...be sure and wear some flowers in your hair, 'K?

LOL. Have a great time.

Well, yes, smth important happened while you were flying:
Tokyo Area Bloggers Party.
This way for pictures and links.

I hope you can come to the next one.
Have a great time Joi.

Richard Bennett says to look him up when you're in the Bay Area. Something about emetic democracy.

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