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The Swiss Ambassador to Japan, Jacques Reverdin
Had dinner last night at the Swiss Ambassador's residence for the second time in one week. Last week was the kickoff meeting for the ISC alumni club. I will be speaking at the ISC symposium this year so that qualified me to be a member. I met Ambassador Reverdin for the first time at this dinner. He struck me as smart, classy person with a good sense of humor. Also notable were the two pianos. He played one of the pianos to signal the beginning of dinner.

Last night, I was invited to dinner with some people who attended Davos and a few of his friends, including the EU Ambassador and the British Ambassador. It was a much smaller group and as usual, I talked a lot about blogs and democracy in Japan. It was a very healthy discussion representing a variety of views. (Will not go into detail since one of the issues discussed was the issue of being misquoted or unfairly portrayed in the media...)

I really enjoyed the discussion. I wonder if there aren't very many such discussions, or whether I'm just not invited to them very often. ;-) Also enjoyed listening to ambassadors talking about politics at the residence of the Swiss Ambassador. Seemed like a good place to get a balanced impression the European view of the war.


Anyone ever tell you that you lead one cool ass life?

I have cool ass friends and you're one of them Jason.

I was thinking the same thing.

What's really great is that we can tag along as Joi hops the world visiting all his friends.

Iranian new year is here and so is the war. Talk in the house should be interesting.

*Seemed like a good place to get a balanced impression the European view of the war.*

You mean their respective Governments view of the war, which will necessarily be self-serving.

Eli. True. But, they were not officially representing their government's views at the dinner. I think we were talking as individuals.

Looking forward to hearing your speach at the ISC-Symposium.
I will be a participant as well but just as a graduate student ... no speach.