Bang & Olufsen releases MP3 player for Mac
Bang & Olufsen has responded to requests from Macintosh users and is making the company’s portable mp3 player compatible with Apple’s iTunes.
Yes! I love B&O stuff. I aways buy it and never use it. ;-p I'm so happy with my iPod and my Shure E5c's that I'm not sure where this BeSound2 would fit into my lifestyle, but it just looks sooo cool. Maybe I can use the BeSound2 when the iPod is out of battery power or when I have to wear an mp3 player at a dinner party...


If you show up at an ambassador's dinner party wearing an MP3 player, I want pictures! :-)

I just got my E5c's. They sound so amazing they make me think that we need a new format where each track is open to adjustments by the end user. I can't believe how much i'm hearing with them. i can hear the bass players fingerprints slide across the strings. although i must admit that when i walk around in them i feel like my sense of ballance is off, think sensory deporvation tanks, absolutely no surrounding noise, a bit like i'd imagine being in space would feel. and my footsteps sound like kettle drums. they really are amazing headphones.

Yes! The Bass player finger thing. I heard it too. Amazing.

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