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I've been trying to lose weight and set a target weight. I made a bet with Yuichi. Whoever hits their target first wins. The loser has to be a chauffer for the other one for a day. Well, that doesn't seem to be enough incentive. My weight's been hovering for the last week. So new rule. No more alcohol until I hit my target. I'll think about drinking again at that point. This should help in a variety of ways. I have stopped blogging when drunk. If I stop drinking, I will be able to blog at night and catch Dave Winer when he starts blogging in the morning on the East Coast. With the increase in email since I started blogging and all of the great new deals to look at in Silicon Valley, I am definitely reaching my limit on available time and not drinking should significantly increase my "uptime."

So, this is an official announcement. If anyone catches me drinking, you can smack me and blog that I'm a liar and a cheat. Come to think of it, I quit smoking since I started blogging. After my weight is under control and I stop drinking, maybe I'll take a crack quitting caffeine. Then I can announce that blogging is good for your health and that it saves lives. ;-)


I appreciate your too.

Joi: You need to get on the Uberman's Sleep Schedule to reduce your daily sleep time to three hours.

I tried not drinking for a while and I got REALLY grumpy but skinnier. It's a fine balance my man. A fine balance :-) Good luck though. Doc and Pirillo inspired me to go low carb. They were both looking great! Only problem is I'm Italian and I get weak if I don't have my weekly pasta ;-) Really tho, good luck.

What Joi really wants is Provigil with a twist.

Biocompetitive Advantage

Exercise. Go for a 40 minute walk every day. Good for the mind and at your age you can't not lose weight that way. Want to lose weight faster? Up it to 60 minutes.

So where do I get provigil.

Andrew, the Uberman's sleep schedule sounds interesting. I don't think my business associate would believe me though when I told them I had to nap for 30 minutes every few hours during the day. ;-) But maybe worth a try...

Dave, yes. I will start walking. I've been meaning to do this. We have a GREAT park near our house that I should use more. If I can start blogging in the evening, then I won't be as rushed to blog in the morning. I can take a walk and think about things to blog...

This is probably more information than people want, but I've actually lost 7kgs since I started dieting by cutting my carbs. I continued to drink however. Cutting the alcohol should diminish my appetite as well as the calorie intake from the alcohol.

I have a feeling I will be crankier so I think the walks will be necessary to calm me down. I do go to the gym once a week, but walking every day should be much better.

Wow. With all of this support, this is going to be more fun.

The rastaman say "smoke a spliff - dreadlock" - cool runnings, man.

Just finished dinner without my usual beer and wine. It was tougher than I thought. I guess I had gotten used to the alcohol triggering my emotional unwinding for the day and felt a bit irritable. Maybe I'm an alcoholic? Anyway, this gave me even more reason to stop drinking for awhile.

So, you'll be skinny, stressed and missing out on one of life's pleasures. Right. I can see the value.

OK, I do find that having drunk, I am utterly disinclined to write my blog. I read and surf a lot, but that's it. However, if I don't drink at all, I do silly things like go to bed on time, thus no blog either.

Last wek I stumbled upon a pattern that works: I didn't drink much at all until 10:30pm. I was so pleased with myself that I celebrated by opening a bottle of red. I finished about 12:30am, bottle empty. And I'd written quite a lot, and I was happy with what I'd written.

I wrote about it here.

I tried this for a few nights. However, getting up at 6am, combined with the amount I was drinking late at night, left me pretty wrecked after less than a week.

I've drunk relatively little for the last 2 nights, and thus written nothing bar a few comments on others' blogs.

Life is strange :

I have never smoked, i have never drunk alcohol, and yet i need to take some weight! I can eat a cow and not take a single gram.

And yes, walking is cool. No need to run.
We try to walk in the country side every week-end (2 or 3 hours).

And we have the advantage of living in a city which has a great river close to the center of the city.

This is a 15 minutes walk away from home.

Let's launch a blogwalkers association ! ;->


That's just not going to work for me babeee who will drink and smoke with me at the next party you throw? :)
and you talking about losing weight is craziness but you didn't ask for my opinion as usual so just go ahead and get all cranky then :)

Joi, my public accountability on exercise thing has definitely helped me stay focused. Every time I look at my blog, I see that little update. And my kids know to smack me if they see my blogging if I haven't been to the gym. :-)

I also find that when I exercise I am *way* less cranky and stressed. And I have more energy, so I get more done despite the "lost" time. It's a win-win situation.

You could always "moblog" while you walk. :-) I'm getting better and better at thumb-typing, myself, now that I have the Sidekick to play with. May even take it to the gym today and see if I can read blogs while I walk. (don't know how good the reception will be in the workout room, though...)

At any rate, good luck meeting your goal. Mine is to fit comfortably into all of my favorite clothes--and, ideally, feel good enough about myself to buy my first 2-piece bathing suit in 30 years. Am closer, but not there yet.

Sorry Chey! ;-)

So, I went for a walk in Komazawa Park with Mizuka this morning as Dave suggested. It was great. I felt great this morning after not having drinks the night before. It was a beautiful day. And I moblogged a bit. Still, hard to get intellectual when you are walking. "Funny looking white dogs" got abbreviated to "doggies"... ;-p

"Blogging while drunk" huh?

Is that still legal in Japan? :-)


Have you ever thought about the quality of your sleep? In other words, if you get quality (both deep and dreaming) sleep? Maybe you have sleep apnea (very common) Getting tested for it in a sleep lab would tell you. Daytime sleepiness is a symptom. Being overweight increases your risk of having it. And people often find that getting it treated helps them lose weight.

Exercise is good for losing weight, but it you drink moderately, you shouldnt have to give that up. One drink a day is fine. (good for your health!) But you must already know that..

Did vinpocetine work for you? It seems like it really helps my short-term memory.. It helps your brain use glucose more effectively, a bit like ginkgo, but it's much stronger.

Talking about supplements, here's another good one.. 5-HTP can both help you lose weight and also help you get better sleep..if you haven't already tried it, check it out.

Getting good sleep is all-important. And don't be afraid to nap. Power napping is great.. very good for your creativity and energy level..


While I applaud your interest in losing weight and cutting back on the booze, I think it would be more productive to make a bold statement, a possibility that really moves you. Make that statement of what/who you want to be, announce that to the world. People with whom you share this will relate to you as this new way of being. You'll be drawn into action congruent with your statement.

Remember, keep in mind, and share with the world who you want to BE, not what you want to DO. If you fail (and you will ;), restate your new way of BEING (and leave the failure behind).

Try it on.

- ScottAG

Scott. Not exactly sure what you are saying, but I want to be healthy, happy and unafraid to do what I want to do. As part of being healthy and happy, it is necessary that I lose weight. My liver is fatty and I am too heavy to comfortably engage in some of the sports I would like to engage in. I also find that when I am less heavy, I have more energy. As a side benefit, I would like to wear all of my clothes, some of which I still don't fit in.

I find myself motivated by goal oriented focus. I think setting goals, challenging myself to things like "no alcohol" provide a false sense of purpose to overcome the lack of willpower that I get sucked into when I just think, "gee, I wish I were skinnier and not hung over every morning..."

Oh... and on this challenge. I won't fail. ;-)

Joi. You're on the right track with your statement of being "healthy, happy & unafraid to achieve your goals." No doubt that your success in life is based on a foundation of bold statements of what you see as your possibility in life.

Sharing these possibilities is vital. But I would suggest sharing them in a way that the listener can see them as possibilities for themselves. So, as an extension of your previous statement in this direction, try on the possibility of being "passionate about health, fulfillment, and achievement." This may or may not work for you, but I hope it illustrates the point.

Personally, I'm not too motivated by saying something as blanket as "no more alcohol." I enjoy alcohol, and having it completely gone from my life doesn't inspire me. What does inspire me is brining the qualities of inebriation (loss of inhibition, feelings of kinship and camaraderie with friends) to my life without the nasty hangovers and liver damage. The possibility for myself and my life is the possibility of being "fully self-expressed."
Again, you may win your short-term challenge, but recognize that you will face hurdles long-term and may even fail. Just come back to your declaration, and move on.

- ScottAG

Well, I'm past my third night without alcohol and I have more energy and feel much better than I have in a LONG time. Evenings are still a bummer without my drink, but my daytime mood and energy have increased significantly. So, at least for me, this parting with alcohol is a good thing. Once I get used being off of alcohol, I might start drinking smaller amounts with dinner, etc. But not until I reach my weight target. Scott, my goals are simple and achievable so I don't intend to "fail." ;-) I'm also enjoying the pain. Call me a masochist.

Good for you Joi!! It ain't easy to just go cold taking the same road you are taking. Today is my 1st week without booze and healthy diet, i start seeing changes. Keep Moving.


Great advice on the "one a day" alcohol consumption. What could possibly be the good or point in that, except to tempt Joi to say "fuck it" and have another. I just never understood that "one a day" thing. And, yes, we drink to get drunk, or at least get a buzz. Why else would we spend $4 bucks on a beer instead of 99 cents on a soda?

Alcohol would certainly add weight to the body of person. It's because some alcohol contains ingredients which consists of sugar that can add weight. The best thing to do is to avoid alcohol in order to stay fit and healthy.

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