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Gave a talk on March 19 at the MIT Enterprise Forum in Tokyo hosted at the Nikkei BP office. I tried to tie a bunch of things together. I started out by saying that at a macro level, I was very depressed, but that at a micro level, I was extremely excited. I talked first about the lack of entrepreneurs in Japan, the problem with the economy and democracy in Japan. Then I talked about the nature of risk and why risk/return is broken in Japan. Then I talked about weblogs and about how excited I was about the political, media, social, communications and tool building aspects of weblogs. I closed by talking about open standards and the impact that open standards could have on consumer electronics. I promised to upload the slides so here they are in a 16.2mb pdf file and a1.2mb QT file. I don't have any notes on the slides, so by themselves, they're pretty useless, but...I promised. I used keynote, which was a true pleasure. I also fixed up some of the slides so the images are newer than the presentation date.

Generally good response. Blogging seemed to be new to people so the blow-by-blow of how a blog works seemed to be useful. The democracy issue was very interesting to some, irrelevant to others. ;-)


It was good seeing people excited about the blog and think a bit of democracy through the concept of the blog.

In the presentation, Joi mentioned the blog phenomena reminds him of early 90s emergence of the Internet. I agree. Some asked Joi how to earn money out of the blog and Joi said he has no answer to it. Although we shouldn't honestly believe his answer since he's a business person now ;p, I guess it's true that people just do blogging simply because it exists and is fun.

The EU has identified entrepreneurship as one strategic priority in the summit last week. More on my blog trackbacked to this entry.

It looks like you used Keynote for your presentation. Did you use the spinning cubes? ;-)

Yes. I used Keynote. It was great. What are the spinning cubes?

can you explain the difference b/w PowerPoint and Keynote rather than Microsoft or Apple?

Seki-san, here is a good comparison article:
I find it faster to use and much better looking. Lots of great things like distribute objects, lines when you move objects around to help you center, etc.

I found the revolving cubes... ;-)

Gotcha. Then the first step, to me, is to justify buying Mac!

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Joi Ito is concerned about lack of entrepreneurship in Japan. The EU summit this week has made this one of their main point... Read More