I've moved my Wiki to a semi-permanent server and started adding content. The URL is: http://joi.ito.com/joiwiki/ One page, I thought might be interesting was a public To Do List. Anyone who wants me to do something or who wants to reach me should feel free to add to my public To Do List. I promise to check it every day. Please make sure you sign the To Do entry and also create a homepage on my Wiki with your contact info so I can track you more easily. This is an experiment so any constructive thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


now your experiments get even more exciting! too bad i missed the ipo of your blog on BlogShares .com ;-)

Here is a thought - if you buy enough shares, maybe you can make the Public Todo item you post for Joi contractually binding.

I wonder how many shares would be required to get him to ride his Segway up Fuji-san as far as he could.

David. That's an interesting idea. Maybe I should allow people to vote their shares on certain issues. Actually, Zai pioneered this concept at etoy[

I added a to-do item for you, Joi, but it's time sensitive. :-) I'll remove it tomorrow.

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