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I'll write more tomorrow when my brain is a bit more fresh, but thanks for showing up to Moda tonight. It was great. I didn't get everyone's name/blog URL who came so please leave a comment here with your URL if you feel like it.


I missed it cuz I am still working.... Hope next time - Nob.

did you rock the house DJ Joi? You should start a 'mobile disco' and cater for weddings etc. :D

Kicked serious butt.
Thanks, Joi...
(ok - gotta go sober up....)

Was really cool, and I love Underground! I hope you can make it next month! Well done.

Was fun! Ta for the tunes!

Great music and Moda is quite nice too. Hope to see you at the next meetup.

I had a great time, glad to have met many of you.

Cheers, and thanks Joi for the party!

Your musical inspiration was nice background to our gaggle of chattering bloggers.


Cheers for the i()tunes, and for arranging the champagne. The bar was nice and relaxed.


DJ Joi was in the house! The Japan Blogggers group was in the house! ahem ..


Indeed, it was a fabulously fun night. BTW, people posted comments at crazy hours!!

Thanks for Champagne! It was a great event!

Really blurry Moblog pics of DJ Joi

Well you didn't spin any George Michaels, but nobody's perfect, right? Thanks for the invite, had a good time.

I thought I saw George Michael there. Oh..that was Sajjad. Well, it was dark...

Great to meet everyone ^_^

Well thanks again. I was going to blog another entry about all of the people I met and link to their blogs, but you're all here with links and everything!

Lets do it again soon.

hmmm having a party across the Ocean where I can't come is cruel! :p

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