Had dinner with Brian Behlendorf and his wife Laura La Gassa. I met Laura for the first time last night wondering on the way to dinner what type of person she would be and I found that she was even a bigger geek than Brian and that they both LOVED food. I LOVE to go to dinner with people who appreciate food so we hit it off right away, talking about blogs, food and geekiness the whole evening.

I first saw Brian's name when I discovered the SFRaves mailing list and web page. I was REALLY into raves at the time and the mailing list was THE place to get info about what was going on in the rave scene. Brian used to run SFRaves. He also started Hyperreal which was one of the first places (was it the first?) where you could download music on the Net. I probably actually first MET Brian when he set up and was running Hotwired on the Indy on his desk. (It was just a PERL script at the time.) I still remember him showing me the web access log tail -f window on his Indy showing all of the accesses Hotwired was getting. He went on to help set up and make successful the first web consulting company that I know of, Organic. It was in the same warehouse building as Wired and I remember the florescent ethernet cables connecting Organic and the Wired offices. Brian was one of the connectors that helped make South Park in SF evolve from the home of rave flyer artists like Nick Philip to the home of Wired, to the home of companies built to support Wired to a thriving neighborhood.

After Organic, Brian when to found CollabNet where he is an executive and board member. It is a venture funded global company for supporting software development and sounds very cool. We talked about how blogging might be relevant. (Since to me, blogging is relevant to EVERYTHING. ;-P )

Brian had talked to Cory and Meg recently who both talked about blogging with him. Brian, Laura and I also talked a lot about Clay's power law paper. Brian, like many mailing list gurus was not blogging yet and had not yet gotten over the hump of actually trying it. Brian, like many mailing list gurus also was flooded with information and couldn't imagine having yet another place to have to read and write. I tried to stress the increase in signal to noise and resorted in the end to the old "you have to try it to understand it" tupperware lady pitch. I think we reached Brian's tipping point. He agreed to give it a try. On the way home from dinner (thanks to my 128K PHS wireless USB thingie for my PowerBook) I set up a Movable Type blog for Brian on my server.

Unlike many other mailing list gurus who promised to use blogs I've set up for them, less than 8 hours later, Brian has posted his first post. He blogs about blogging and his karaoke with a Red Army General in Shanghai. (Why is it that Red Army Generals like karaoke so much.) Anyway, everyone please welcome Brian Behlendorf and his new blog!

PS Brian, if I got any of your history wrong, let me know and I will fix it. Hmm... If this were a Wiki I could ask YOU to fix it.


Gee, Joi, I don't know how I feel about my main claim to fame being my Tupperware connection. :-)

But Liz. You are living proof of my theory that tech evangelism starts with tupperware!

You got it all correct, Joi - the only nuance was that HotWired was a collection of perl scripts, not just one. Still probably the pinnacle of my programming career to date.

Konichiwa Ito-san! I wanted to thank you again for everything, especially the blogging sales pitch. I plan to start my own when I return home to my Mac OSX laptop. So stay tuned for the corporate wife travel blog :-)

Oh! And I forgot to mention this... Laura worked at Infoseek when we work working with them.

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Joi Ito met Brian Behlendorf and helped Brian get blogging and get a blog. Like Joi, I first met Brain virtually via the sfraves mailing list in 92/93, though it was more wistful than real, as I lived in Belfast, rather than Read More

Joi Ito met Brian Behlendorf and helped Brian get blogging and get a blog. Like Joi, I first met Brian virtually via the sfraves mailing list in 92/93, though it was more wistful than real, as I lived in Belfast, rather than Read More

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