Happy Birthday Larry! According to my birthday bot, it's your birthday today. ;-)


love those bots!

Happy Birthday Larry :)

only in Japan, Joi. Still time to be young here in San Francisco.

Hi, I enjoy your weblog.

BIRTHDAY ROLL is such a great idea.
It would be interesting, if it worked with facewall. If everyone had his/her own blog in the future, the blog URL can be the SPAM-safe id for each person ;-)

Happy birthday, Larry!

I'm as happy as larry on his webding day. where is my 'Bday Bot'
i am just so confused in these stressful times. my birthday is in 44 days time but i don't know the exact date as i am an authored citizen of the bank of orphanage. overall it has been a very weird lottery. P.S don't touch that dial.

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伊藤穣一氏のJoi Ito's Webで、またおもしろい新しい試みが始まりました。Birthday Rollと言って、登録しておいた誕生日を知らせてくれるサービス。ちなみに今日、6月3日は「コモンズ」の Read More

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