So I created a wiki page for my irc channel. Now there is a guestbook for regulars and a section for limericks by Kevin Marks. Wikis work well with irc since irc is so transient and wikis can capture "those moments". ;-)


I smell a war brewing for top position. I think I will have to write a wikibot to make sure my listing is always first since I was the first to sign ;-)

Nice chatting w/ u guys/gals today!
Jason .. with your quad monster I'm sure your bot would win.
How about Wiki by mobile? moWiki .. sounds like a wookie.

Oh man, now even Joi's starting sentences with "So ..."--this illiterate Valley Girl affectation is taking over the world.

It must be Gnome Girl's influence. ;-)

Now a T-shirt slogans section too...

well when I can get you to say dorkilicious then I will know I've really worn off on you :P

and you do know everytime I see you write wiki it makes me giggle right? :)

Hello - you may be interested in this IRC bot that I wrote.


Earle Martin.

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