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I was invited to join and accepted a position on the board of Creative Commons. I think that the work they are doing is EXTREMELY important for our future. I am honored to be a member of the team.

Blog entry on the CC site and the the press release.


sweet!!!! :)

I'm working with a team in China on iCommon, too. Your any suggestions are highly appreciated.

congrats Joi. A very prestigious appointment; I'll look forward to reading about the work that you're (as in CC) doing.


Congratulations. This will only make CC more known;)


Congrats Joi. I think of CC to be very essential for human beings' progress. But I just simply wondered what you're doing for CC.

Seki-san. My main responsibility will be to participate in the board meetings and evangelize CC. I would like to try to get the Japanese hardware companies to understand and adopt CC. I would also like to provide feedback to CC from the hardware companies.

That's great, Joichi... I hope you will provide some perspective on what the future goals of the company are, and seek input from others via this medium... :)

Not to discourage you, but I don't know how much success you'll have with established companies talking about Creative Commons -- I would tend to think that such arrangements would benefit individuals much more. Maybe the emphasis should be on simply making people more aware of the possibilities for customization of copyright arrangements at the outset, and how this could be of benefit to different parties...

Excellent, Joi! We've done a collaboration with Creative Commons recently, thanks to the hard work of our Tech Director, Jeff Kramer. They've been great to work with.

I think hardware companies get benefits from CC and tacitly agree on CC concept, as they liked rental software and rental DVDs for the promotion of their products.

It is much much harder for software and media companies to change their attitude towards commons. Sigh.

Congratulations and good luck:-) I'm certain you will be a invaluable contribution to the CC team.

Since you're now officially involved in the *licensing_business*, I'd like you to have a look at the Greater Good Public License [] and tell me what you think. All I ask you to do is have a look. And think about it. Again, many kudos for joining the CC team.

ps. I appreciate any feedback from all directions. So, everyone's welcomed to have a say.

Joi - don't forget to update your cv over at linkedin!

Creative Commons is mentioned in the context of "fan fiction" (Harry Potter, etc.) in an article at the Washington Post.