According to the Swedes on #joiito, a Japanese space probe just crashed in Sweden. I can't find anything about on English or Japanese language sites. Anyone know anything about this?

Erista has blogged about it in Swedish with a link to the to the original article. Manne first discovered the link.


Presumably a problem with NASDA's HSFD experiment carried out with the Swedes.

More info about the experiment, in Japanese:

A quick Google search located this tidbit in English:

This is a typical result of "news silly season" being in full bloom in summery Sweden. A collaboration between Japan and Sweden is testing a new model of a spce shuttle. The space craft in question was not even launched from the test site, it was lifted using a baloon and when reaching a suitable altitude released to test the gliding of the shuttle. Resulting in a crash, since only one out of three parachutes opened.

Found a link in a (for non-Swedes) more accesible language:

Courtesy of Swedish mailing list for IT people:


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