I got Cory to say "Boing Boing" into my Olympus voice recorder. Here's the mp3. Maybe I should start a collection of people saying their blog or product names... Maybe not...

Also got Cory saying, venti mocha latte americana frap espresso-chino


I can't wait till I get you to say Wiki Wiki in my recorder :)

Wow. That sounds really good. There was a LOT of noise in there.

Wow, this is really freaking me out. Here I've been running around saying /BOING-boing/ for lo these many years, when in fact it's /boing-BOING/, according to the emphasis on Cory's MP3 soundbite here. Must. Stress. Second. Syllable.

I was equally surprised by the second-syllable emphasis, but actually I always internally vocalized it with equal stress on both syllables.

<shrug> oh well...

Actually, I was deliberately mispronouncing it, the way that Brits seem to -- I always go equal-emphasis.

At least THAT controversy is resolved. Thousands of people around the world - have been holding our breaths waiting to find out the correct way to pronounce Boing Boing.

I myself would start the first Boing - with an upward fluctuation of the voice, tapering off the volume, as I increased the pitch - equally - across the duration of the word.

The second Boing would have the exact same fluctuation, frequency modulation and influx - but go down in pitch, rather than up. MP3 file by noon.

Am I the only person not able to hear that MP3? It comes across as a 13k file with no sound. I've been a bOING bOING fan since it was a 2-colour print mag (Black and flourescent pink = great cover) and ... and... And I really wanted to hear this!

Lawrence, since I had SoundForge up anyhow, I converted the mp3 to a wav file for you. Try boingboing.wav.

Thanks much Dav. I have no idea why I can't play the first mp3, I re-DL'd it to no avail. Your wav worked perfectly. =)

heheheh, wait till people hear me speak out my blog/website name out aloud. that'd be good for more than a few laughs. :)

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