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Gathering at Madison Square Park

As part of our first trip to New York City, we are inviting everyone to join us in Madison Square Park, right near the Flatiron Building in Manhattan, on Saturday September 13th from 2pm to 4pm. Of course, it being New York City, Anil will be there, and our good friend and partner Joi Ito has promised to show up as well.


will be there


trying to blog in hospitals

I would recommend re-locating this event to Union Square Park, which has a much better Wi-Fi hotspot provided by yours truly.

The Madison Sq Park hotspot only really covers the northeastern end of the park and has a rather weak signal.

All the many free Wi-Fi spots in NYC can be found here:

need to get my toshiba internet card working again;

could I bring my four year old or is there going to be a big crowd?


we should check this out and see how it could benefit patients;

ie. patients could blogg and coordinate to assist nurses and hospital staff members and be extra eyes and ears...

also, international coorespondence regarding underserved education...