I have 2 more meetings and I'm on my way back to Tokyo. It's been a hectic trip but a fun trip, but I'm glad to be headed home. In the last 2 weeks I've been to Geneva, Menorca, Barcelona, Boston, Wood Holes, New York, Detroit and San Francisco. I feel like a blog salesman. I remember walking through LaGuardia airport and not being able to remember what city I was in. It reminded me of some scene in some movie, but I can't remember the movie.

Thanks to everyone who helped make my trip a great one and apologizes to people I missed on this trip. See you all the next time around.


We'll be waiting here for you... :-)

Was the movie called Airport?
Bon Voyage!

Hey, I just wanted to say from a trail of links i found your site. I like it a lot! keep up the good work.

be safe and remember to "hibernate" more often mmk? ;)

The movie was fight club, he can't recall what timezone or airport he is at most of the time.

"Sir, this flight does not check in for 2 hours"

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