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I just did my first stealth disco. Uploaded the 116K QT file. I'm SD'ing Jim aka mmdc and the video was taken by Adriaan aka ado.


I must say it's a curious form of dance there...

I broker deals all the time; if you can promise contractually that you can take a month break from your Tokyo activities I have a contract with the New York City Ballet waiting for you.


I knew it was just a matter of time...

Er, I don't think you are suppose to 'knee' the SD victim. :-p

well if certain geeky boys would of had a damn camera I would of stealthed your ass something fierce! But damn babee you got some moves :)


This is just wrong.

Sorry, unable to view this file. Need Quick Time installed to open this file. :-(

Goodness Gracious! I can't wait to get some Harvardian Stealth Discoing going during BloggerCon -- that I gotta see! :)

Jeez, you are *so* cute.

Love your choice of music, scared the s*** out of me. You looked so casual on the video, simply walking down the corridor until, ZAMMMM. SD! Love it.

Are we (me & my *ahem* possibly imaginary friend) watching a different video to you guys? Catchy tune though... love you long time baby

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