Telemarketers are suing the National Do Not Call Registry in the US, which is a place where you can register to block telemarketers from calling you. 50 million households have signed up. I think this is a good idea, they obviously don't.

In his column, David Barry of the Miami Herald published the phone number of the American Teleservices Association, a telemarketing company.

It turned out that a lot of you were eager to call up the telemarketing industry. Thousands and thousands of you called the ATA. I found out about this when I saw an article in a direct-marketing newspaper, the DM News, which quoted the executive director of the ATA, Tim Searcy. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"The ATA received no warning about the article from Barry or anyone connected with him," Searcy said. ". . . the Barry column has had harmful consequences for the ATA. An ATA staffer has spent about five hours a day for the past six days monitoring the voice mail and clearing out messages."

That's correct: The ATA received NO WARNING that it was going to get unwanted calls! Not only that, but these unwanted calls were an INCONVENIENCE for the ATA, and WASTED THE ATA'S TIME!

I just hope nobody interrupted the ATA's dinner.

Ha! This is great. The hypocrisy and the irony are truly monumental. The ATA changed their phone number, but the new one is 317-816-9336. Maybe I'll call them and ask them if they know about Stealth Disco...

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Ah yes, It's a beautiful thing! What would we do w/o Dave Barry?
Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your session on community at BloggerCon yesterday.
So many things I now have to learn more about. Especially stealth disco!

Thanks Linda!

This is too funny. I just saw Dave Barry speaking at Kepler's bookstore in Menlo Park California last weekend. He was a hoot. He told us all about his current moral dilemma, i.e. whether to publish the new phone number or not.

I'm glad he figured out which way to go :)

Hi -

I have to scrub a lot of numbers against the national do not call list. I didn't find the whole thing to be that big of a deal.

I just use a program called Scrub DNC ( to scrub my lists. It's fast and easy to use. Check it out.

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This RULES. From Joi, it's the number for a telemarketing company who is complaining about unsolicited calls to their office.... Read More

This RULES. From Joi, it's the number for a telemarketing company who is complaining about unsolicited calls to their office.... Read More

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