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I will be speaking about emergent democracy at the Digital Democracy class at the Harvard Law School Tuesday. Thanks to Ethan and Andrew for setting this up. Looks like a lot of fun.

UPDATE: We'll have IRC on the screen so drop by #joiito if you want to participate. We'll also try to set up a video feed from Boris's Mac. It's at the Berkman Center (Baker House) from 5pm-7pm.

Here is a wiki page we can use.


i wish you the best.

bring a big bag of wikispirit to spread around.

The class is 5-7pm Tuesday, at Harvard Law School. For Joi's session, visitors are welcome!

Joi, Boris,
Ping me for good broadcast settings. And bring a long Ethernet cable.

Please, please, please let there be wifi! Oh and what room in the Law School?

Can anyone attend? More importantly.. I'm up the street at Ambient Devices HQ in Kendall Square, may I attend.

nevermind.. just read the previous comment.