Socialtext announced the released version 1.0 of their workspace package. It's groupware thingie for enterprise. I'm using it for a lot of my workgroups. It's basically a wiki with a blog-like feature that sort of looks nice and has login, which makes it not really a wiki, but not a blog... I guess it's a workplace. Anyway, as you know, I love this kind of alchemy.

They also announced Kwikspace based on Kwiki as an open source project.

Disclosure: I'm an investor in Socialtext


With regard to virtual workspaces, did you see the article in Fast Company (1 Nov 2003) by Seth Godin? "Joi Ito is using his Weblog to put his virtual organization into action."

I actually haven't seen the article yet, but I know it exists. ;-)

It's unfortunate that the article is only available to subscribers for the moment. A month or so from now, when it is linkable, it will feel stale and not capable of sparking much comment. Meantime: a quote from the article about the power of the virtual organization centered around Joi Ito's Web may cause a wry smile or two around Neoteny:

"[Joi] doesn't need employees; he has the posse." ;-)

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