The piece says he rubs shoulders with Timothy Leary . Ooops. Did I read that correctly? Leary died in 1996 and if he's rubbing shoulders at all it's with the fishes.
Actually, Tim lives on in cyberspace and I rub shoulders with him there. ;-)

UPDATE: Metroactive article about Tim living on in cyberspace. Thanks for the link Bill!

PS: Special thanks to Chris and everyone at for keeping Tim and his site alive.


Does this mean you are a cyber necropheliac?

I even have his brainwave data somewhere in my computer. but it doesn't mean we can re-animate him back, anyway.

Gohsuke. You must upload it. If you email it to me, I will blog it.

let's see....(searching) urgh, yikes, it seems that the file is sitting some of my old Macs HD....
otherwise for the time being, I have the video of the moment Dr. Tim was taking brainwaves. I can burn DVD later so you may be able to convert it into QuickTime or other formats.

Joi, Gohsuke, I think Matsuki probably still has the cyberware scan data on tape of Tim's head at least. He's head could be brought back to life at least..kinda...

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