Joseph Urbaszewski, a teacher who lives near the fire is blogging about the fire and has become a clearinghouse of information. It appears to be more up-to-date than the mass media.

There is also a live scanner feed where you can listen to the overworked, heroic firemen fighting the fire.

Kevin Barron
heard on the scanner -- "some people are refusing to leave
their homes despite mandatory evacuation"

response from the base station? "get their name, date of
birth, and the phone number of their dentist"!!

Thanks for the info and links Kevin, and hope you are safe.


Thanks for the link! Glad to see you have some blogs on Panther as well!

Joi, thanks for the concern -- we're ok, but many people are without a home, or worried about the status of their home. That being the case, I would ask that folks who do not not have a need for the scanner feed do not use it (their server has already been swamped several times).

On my blog I've just posted a call to contribute to Joe Urbz's bandwidth expenses while he moves to a temporary dwelling off the mountain.

does anyone have information on addresses of burned homes?
Need to know if ours are standing.
745 and 735 Sonoma, Lake arrowhead.

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Joi Ito’s Web: Joseph Urbaszewski’s blog coverage Lake Arrowhead fire. BTW, a hat tip to Joi Ito for keeping track. There is also a scanner feed so you can hear fireman live. Wow.... Read More

Joseph Urbaszewski is a teacher who lives near the fire and his blogging about it has become a clearinghouse of information. Joi Ito has the link here along with a link to a live scanner feed where you can listen... Read More

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