Dan Gillmor writes about how censorware blocks his site. It's blocking mine too.

Dan Gillmor
Simon Phipps alerts me that one of the big censorware outfits, SurfControl, is blocking this and other blogs as a default setting for some customers. He points to Jon Udell's report of a surrealistic conversation with a company salesdroid upon his own such discovery. Good grief.

SurfControl puts all blogs under Usenet, a fairly bizarre characterization of the genre, but par for the course for the censorware mavens. They tend to sweep big categories into their filter, and then let you try to find your own way to escape.


well, i guesss that makes it official. joichi ito is hazardous to your children. and your preconceptions.

How are they doing it? If they're automatically detecting the output of blog software, maybe Moveable Type can develop some sort of spoofing mechanism. But looking at your HTML, as least on pages other than the top page, I don't see how they can tell. Maybe they're filtering for paragraphs that begin with "So I ...."

If they have a way to block blogs automatically, and if I could somehow pipe my Google search results through it, it would be most welcome. ;-) They could patent it and make a fortune. Anti-blog filters will be the next big thing after anti-spam filters.

I think they said they had people "working 24/7" finding sites to block.

Hey, I work 24/7 to find sites to block too... oh, that's called surfing the net...
Does freedom of expressions mean anything to them anyway?

Hey, I work 24/7 to find sites to block too... oh, that's called surfing the net...
Does freedom of expression mean anything to them anyway?

They classified Radio Free Blogistan as Usenet News too. What does that even mean?

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