Dan Gillmor blogs about Al Gore's endorsement of Dean and explains why it makes so much sense. Nice one Dan. I hadn't thought about it that way, but it makes total sense.


From Dan Gillmor's comment:

"I remember talking to Gore about the Internet in 1991, when he was a U.S. senator. He knew a lot more about it than I did, though I think he saw it as much as a giant library as anything else. Most people did. The potential of the read-write Web, where we could have our say and organize ourselves as well as look at other people's material, was still years away."

That's funny because I distinctly remember meeting a fellow by the name of Joi in 1986 who definitely thought of (and *used*) the net as more than just a giant library. Too many people think the net began with the web.

BTW, sad to hear about Frank -- I never met him, but I remember him from the early days.

;-) One strong memory I have is getting a copy of MacPPP and Fetch from John Markoff and turning me on my first PPP experience on Netcom. That really had a big effect on me. The idea of client software running on my own machine. Wow!

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