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I've been trying to "cut back" on my drinking, but it doesn't work. I got drunk last night and I regret it. So, I've quit drinking. If you're my friend please be supportive and don't offer me alcohol please.

Thank you.

UPDATE: We have set up a group blog called "We Quit Drinking". Please take a look.


Go kick ass dude.

"Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting a particular become just by performing just actions, temperate by performing temperate actions, brave by performing brave actions. "
- Aristotle

Best of luck with the change.

good luck to you. it's a tough thing..

my 6 months of sobriety last year were a most productive time.

Wow. I hope it goes well for you.

Hey, good luck...

just the threat of 12 steps...

i know it's though, but well worth it. all the best.

I've found that not drinking alcohol in japan is almost as hard as not drinking alcohol in france--it's everywhere! so I don't envy your task but I applaud the end of the year resolve. no more kampai for you sir. ;^) Good luck.

No problem, Joi. Anytime I see you with at least one alcohol molecule in your vicinity, I'll be slapping you around with a huge trout. And oh, I'll do the same with Jim...

I'm 29 and haven't touched alcohol since I was 12. It's not that, hard, just a new habit to get into. Good job man!


Its do-able. I have not had a drink in about 16 years. Even in Japan it can be done.

good luck. up until two weeks ago i myself had drinks everynight while admining box sites on the computer and all the update stuff for my site/s. especially when iam writing - articles. i went through a stage where i couldnt write unless i had a glass of wine... which lead to two, three, four... the bottle. everynight cause iam alwasy writing see. two weeks ago i stopped like yourself and no problem. iam sure you'll be the same. good luck with it.


We're all pulling for you. The good news is that typical alchoholics hide their drinking problem from themselves and everyone else.

I strongly suggest you contact alchholics anonymous, it's a group of people in the same situation with chapters all over the world.

You should probably reread all the posts about you in the health and medicine category of your own blog.

It sounds like you've made the right decision, I've heard no alchoholic has ever cut back successfully, but some stop totally with the support of others in the same situation.

Wow! Thanks for all of the support everyone. The CC party was actually fun and the urge to drink only lasted a short while.

Someone promised to give me an AA book. I'll definitely look into it.

All the best, and all our support, Joi-san.
(is that right?)


I used to have a serious caffeine problem. So I cut back. Next thing you know I have a drinking problem. So now I'm back on the caffeine. Lesser of two evils. My stomach hates me but my liver is so happy.

I'm a little too drunk after my wife's birthday celebratrion to offer cogent comment but I went through this, well, I'm still going through this. I wrote this:

I'm doing OK now. I drink moderately most days, have a day or 2 off each week, all within medically recommended consumption.

P'raps when I'm more sober, I'll write some thoughts on how it's been and how it is.

For my money, you don't need to stop completely, but you do need to stop each and every time you go a bit too far. Have a day or 2 off just to stop the rollercoaster.


oh, and I mistype words like "celebratrion" at the best of times.

Good for you Joi. I hope you pull it off. As for me, I won't quit drinking because I won't do anything I can't do.

If it makes you feel any better, I expect to be in torment starting January 1st when I stop smoking yet again. Yes, it means I'll be grouchy for a while.

Sorry I missed the CC party.

Good luck Joi

This is very difficult - I will be thinking of you. I think the best approach is to stay away totally, but different things probably work for different people.

Hey Joi,

AA is good, there's a lot of empowering information and practices there. Take the best and leave the rest.

Just don't get too caught up in the liturgy, the philosophy of it all. Depending on the group you find, they can try to fit you into a box that just doesn't apply to all people who drink more than they desire.

AA is a beginning for further study, not an end in itself for all drinkers. Bill and Bob presented *one* way, not the only way. Do some research into Rational Recovery and Addiction Alternatives too.

Best of luck from a Canadian reader who's been there too.

Blogged you man. Hey, let's all quit in sympathy and see how we manage.

Cheers -- Halley

Hey Halley! Thanks! It's funny, I was trying to get everyone else to quit with me last night, but it wasn't a very popular idea. ;-)

I was just feeling sad because of all the people I know who do self destructive things (overeat, overwork, drink and smoke too much), and I thought: They'll never stop.

Thank you. Reading your post was like someone lit a candle in the darkness for me.

I sincerely wish you every success.

Life ... you'll never get out of it alive.

I was struck by the word "regret" in your initial post. Was it just a crappy hangover, or behaviour you didn't want to acknowledge was part of you when drinking/drunk?

Maybe it's not quitting, but examining "how" you drink ?

Not that I want to discourage you ... if you believe your life will be better on a sustainable basis by not drinking at all, then telepathiblogically you have my 100% support.

Funny, I was thinking much the same thing last night at the CC party. Mie and I ended up leaving early because we were both so drained from Saturday night's annual Santarchy bacchanalian debauchery that we weren't able to hold up our end of an intelligent conversation :(

I think I'll join you, it'll also give me a good excuse for my upcoming business trip to Japan; I've been worried my hosts would take me out for one of the infamous after work drinking fests and I know what kind of drunk I am, and it isn't business-appropriate :)

Good luck! I've stopped drinking for months at a time before, just to make sure I could if I wanted to (my father was an alcoholic). The biggest problem is when you go to a club/bar/party you feel odd without a drink in your hand. I found redbull or cranberry juice is usually available, and they're great substitutes for alcohol drinks.

"I found redbull or cranberry juice is usually available, and they're great substitutes for alcohol drinks. "

Also, for some reason, I've found that the texture and taste of Apple Juice seems to fill the void incredibly when I decide to go dry for a spell. I almost feel like I'm drinking wine or beer with Apple Juice (or maybe I'm just a pansy). Only side effect for some...gas gas gas. Worth the trade off...of course, some friends may get lost in the noxious fumes. ;^) ganbatte!!

(brag) I quit in 1985. Quit cigarettes the following year. The only reason it has worked is that I haven't taken that next drink yet, nor have I lit that next cigarette. (/brag)

Abstinence from alcohol is a very binary proposition and I wish you the best with it!

I quit smoking and i can't drink without smoking so i have also had to quit drinking in order not to smoke! I sympathize.

I quit alcohol in October while also quitting caffeine. I also went on a strict diet to lose some weight. Down 20 pounds so far and feeling much better for it.

Trying to give up alcohol in Ireland can be tough for some people when every social event involves alcohol but being such a pig-headed and stubborn person makes it easy for me to resist.

Its sometimes strange that NOT drinking bothers people more than you drinking til you make a complete ass of yourself. I can enjoy myself with out it and happily make a fool of myself when sober too, so its all good.

I decided to challange myself by giving up for a year, after that I think I may just have the off glass of wine for health reasons.

Great, see sobriety doesn't mean you can spell any better. I meant challenge not challange. :)

way to go, Joi! I remember that you liked the way you felt when you quit for a few weeks during your "fat club" competition.

Congrats. I drink rarely due to the large number of people with drinking problems in my family so I rarely have more than one drink.

Good luck. You're doing a great and heroic thing. Be proud and succeed!

It's no big deal to quit drinking.
I quit drinking virtually every day.

Just kidding. There are many ways to end the addiction to alcohol. The best and most successful is to just stop drinking. You will experience withdrawals and intense cravings, but it is the beginning of the road to recovery.

Good luck.

Cheers on quitting!

One thing that'll help you is the knowledge that Church Basement Coffee Urn coffee is, perhaps, the worst coffee on Earth.

And where do most AA meetings take place?

That's right! Church Basements.

Good luck with your decision. There's too many drunks in the world and not enough Smart Guys. We need more Smart Guys like you.

This may not make much sense right now, but the easiest way to quit is not to quit. That is, the concept of quitting forever is really daunting to many people.

If you just decide not to do it on any given day (or hour), you might be surprised at how quickly those days add up.


I hear you man. I've pretended to "cut back" but it always ends in a wacky-drunken mess. I'm going to take a big chunk of inspiration from you, and quit. I'm actually writing this quite hung-over and embarrassed the morning after a Christmas party drinking escapade. God. Good luck and I'll see you on the other side.


I hear you man. I've pretended to "cut back" but it always ends in a wacky-drunken mess. I'm going to take a big chunk of inspiration from you, and quit. I'm actually writing this quite hung-over and embarrassed the morning after a Christmas party drinking escapade. God. Good luck and I'll see you on the other side.


I read all your commments. Interesting. The think that makes quitting drinking hard is, well, you have to quit. And to quit, you also have to actually really, really want to quit. Really, really wanting to quit does not include waking up ashamed the next day and being horrified over what you did the night before.
I'm gonna take a shot at quitting myself... very soon. I see there's a book out there called 'How to quit Drinking'. I used the 'You can stop Smoking - by Jacqueline Rogers' book to successfully quit smoking 6 years ago. Perhaps this other book will work.

Party on dude!


I too have read with anticipation and perpetual hope that tonight will be the night I quit! Sadly I quite like red wine, and the feeling; initially, it brings. Unfortunately it's the quantity I can consume that leads to me tearing my tounge off the pillow the following morning knowing that I will repeat the same sentance in my mind, this being "Tonight I will not drink."

Your statement of is without doubt a bold one and can only be applauded. Like you and many others with their thoughtfull commments & suggestions I too hope that this will truly be the night.

Good luck to you and many others hoping to quit the loopy juice!

Mark (South Wales UK)

I used to dink couple drinks every evening and I did'nt cosidered my self beig alcoholic. Today after I lost my job due to "reduction of force" I realize that I am an alcoholic.Why I say this? Because sitting at home all day that is the only thing that keeps me going.
But here is the million dollar question:
I hate drinking but I do it to stop the shakes and tremors I experience every noon. It is a vicious circle because when I drink it stops it, but the next day I have to do it again.
IS THERE a way to stop the shakes and tremors without alcohol and how I go about it?
Any advise will be highly apppreciated.!!!

to Greco:
Perhaps you should go to a detox center. There they will give you medications that will take care of the shakes and tremors. After a few days, they will release you and you will not have the shakes/tremors again, unless you start drinking again. If there is not a detox near you, then you can go to the hospital and be detoxed. My drinking has gotten worse and worse. I have decided to give it up for one year, and after the end of the year I will evaluate the situation. I plan on going back to church and saying my daily prayers again. I will need all the help I can get!

Did a search for inspiration on my own quitting drinking. It was nice to view so many comments. I have never harmed anyone with my drinking (personally, legally), YET. Many people probably don't even know I have a problem with it. But I know. Over the years it went from social drinking to drinking daily at home. From 2 drinks at home to finally 5 or more drinks....over the course of a day. Then I found myself drinking before work (swing shift). But finally what did it for me was drinking and driving. I KNEW it was very wrong. But when you drink, you are in denial. You think..I will never be caught....I won't hurt anyone. Over the holidays, though, I was on my way home from drinking. Two policemen pulled me over....two! I will never know why they didn't pull me out and test me, but they didn't. It was like a huge blast of cold water in my drunk face, though. Enough is enough! My point is this. Alcohol creeps up on you. It can takes years. But it takes least for me.

Thank you for responding to my message. I really appriciate the support. As I mentined in my previous message I "lost" my job, so I do'nt have the funds to go to detox clinic/hospital. I have to do it on my own and obviously the difficult way.
I wish you best of luck with your life and happy New Year.

I understand what you mean about drinking all happened to me...that's when I reallized I need to cut back...believe it or not what helps the shakes is FRUIT JUICE!!! Apple, Grape Orange...WHY??? Because most Alcohol is made from's not a cure but it sure does help.....good luck

i am married to an alcoholic. He quit over 10 years ago before I met him and started again in 2002 We had only been married for about a month. Ever since he is always out at the bar drinking almost every night. He got a dui a few months ago and wrecked my truck after that. I know how it feels to watch someone hurt themselves it hurts me too. He is never home. We have a baby daughter that keeps me going, but I'm still so very lonely. I try to help him even as much as i hate it i will drop him off and pick him up at the bar or else he will drive himself. Hopefullly he will get some help. I guess it can be hard to stop. I wish you all who want to quit GOOD LUCK! Do it for yourself for your future.

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joi i envy you for going for this and not being shy about it.i quit smoking and i never did pot but last night i got so drunk i could have died!im 14 years old and im quitting to!good luck to ya!!!

I am 25 years old and the only thing my good-for-nothing father ever gave me was a serious drinking problem. After an night I would love to forget (i didn't hurt anybody or anything but it was bad) I quit cold turkey. It's been 7 months and i have not had a drop but it is tough. I have no one to talk to about it (my friends almost see me as a traitor) and no one gives me any positive reinforcement regarding my quitting (ie my girlfriend who had to deal with it on a regular basis). Most days i just don't see why i shouldn't drink when i want to. I don't know.... Thank you for letting me post and get a little out.

I relate because I am trying to stop drinking and it seems so much a part of me, it is so hard. I have had reprecussions from my drinking and I am so afraid. Not to stop but to keep drinking. I need some input. Been in all sorts of programs and it is seems that it is a part of my identity. Need help.

I have made a decision to quit all vices for the year 2005. It was something that I have wanted to do for some time. I wanted to see where my potential could take me. I do triathlons and am very good but not great. I was also tired of waking up hung over every weekend and feeling bad. But what I hate is the fact that several people close to me stand there with beers in their hand and tell me I drink too much. I have never judged others for what they do to themselves. Anyone else experience this phenomenon?

I 32 yrs old . I decied it has been offiical for me to quit drinking.It is very hard for me but it is something I need to do for myself.I was up to 8 beers a day. It came to me when I would have to go outside to open a can of beer so my husband would not know that I was having another beer.He does not drink that much But ,I woould do and hide to open a can of beer.I put on alot of weight from it also. I am starting this today with no beer for for scott p if your friends dont support you, They are not your friends.I will do this even though I love cold beer, I love myself too.

Sometimes it seems that the people who claim to care about you lecture you (or in my case, tend to scream) about your problem, and then either shove it in your face or pretend to hide problems of their own. I don't expect to be able to solve their problems, but would at least be supportive if they were to acknowledge them themselves. For too long I've allowed myself to drink, believing my depression was caused by my screwed up family. But I know that the only one who can fix this is me since I can't depend on their help. I'm returning to school from a semester off to finish up, and I know I can't screw it up, so I'm taking my initiative and quitting drinking. Listen to those who do support you (positively), support yourself and don't give up! Good luck!

THAT'S SO GOOD YOU STOPPED DRINKING.I have been trying to stop and have fell off the wagon twice.It seems like when i get upset or have a disagreement with my husband i drink.I plan to attend college this year to further my medical this present time i am a Nursing Assistant.Please help any advice?

i want to stop or at least slow down but im very depressed and its the only way i can sleep

Today, I start over, by living happy and sober. I need help and understanding from all my friends and family, but most of all I want to understand my self and why I have let this control me for so long. No one to blame just myself and life. If you can help I will Listen,,Mikie,,,,

I'm 31, and have always been somewhat of a social drinker. Last night was it. I went to an amazing rock concert at a club conviniently located across the street from where I live. Thank God I was only walking & wasn't driving! I got so drunk, and had the most amazing time, met lots of cool people, etc.

BUT when I got home, I totally blacked-out, and ended up puking all over myself, wife, and child (he's 3, and sleeps w/ us) in bed. I've never been so embarassed and horrified by any of my actions, but this took the cake. As much as I enjoy a good quality beer, I need to stop. I've always been fine w/ 1 or two every other night, but when I go out, once I pass the four drink point, I can't stop until I drop (this doesn't happen often, but the last 2 times it has, it's been awful).

So, tonight, while still hungover from last night, I've decided that enough is enough. I'm going to buy a piggybank, and everytime I crave a beer I'll just put the money in the bank. I'm sure that after 2 years, it will be full, and I can treat myself to a weekend getaway or something nice. I don't necessarily feel that I need AA, but so many poeple have warned me that there's nothing worse that a dry-drunk. Anyone have any clue what they mean by that?

Thanks for letting me express myself tonight, and good luck to the rest of you.

I'm 35 and have been drinking pretty hard for the last two years or so. Vodka every night - and about 1/2 of a 5th. I just lovvvveeee to drink! But, got sick of it. Too much worry about my liver, etc. Sooo, 7 days ago, I just quit. Haven't wanted a drink since although the first few nights I didn't sleep very well and my skin was kinda itchy. I also started praying. Seem to be doing ok. Good luck to all.

I'm in Japan and quit drinking alcohol nearly 1 year ago. I was not a heavy drinker, but I found it more difficult to control the amount of alcohol I would drink in Japan's social environment. Anyways it feels great to be completely alcohol free. I really don't miss it at all. An easy excuse at social events is something like 'I've developed an allergy to alcohol and can't drink anymore.' Be resolute.

I am so happy that I stumbled upon this site. I also commend all who have shared their experiences. I'm a 26 year old guy who have most recently been abusing alcohol for about 2 years now. I hadn't noticed a pattern in my drinking habit up until my vacation to Jamacia. While on this "get away", I noticed that it was "okay" to drink and have "fun", at any point of the day.. However, after the trip was over, I consumed more alcohol then ever before. But it was weird, I would have strong desires only on Fridays and would get WAISTED to the extent that I couldn't remember nothing the next day. Mind you, I only drank wine.

This weekend, I went on a drinking diet that consisted of Wine, beer and champaign. I was trying to hide this activity from my family. But I have sat myself down for the last time. I'm giving it up and I'm honestly tired of this life as a alcoholic. With prayer, brutal honesty and a call in to a health clinic.. I think my path should be brighter. I wish you all luck.



Hi , I stumbled across this site as I was looking at ways to stop drinking , it's very hard . I have tried for a period of time and then fall flat on my face . This is affecting my life and people around me , including my job . I wish I could just stop .

first is to identify why you drink ie:

to aleviate lonliness?
to dissolve fear or enhance courage/social interaction?
desensitizing yourself from a problematic social environment/circumstances?
to help tackle depression?
for pure pleasure/entertainment?
to aliviate bordomn/lack of fulfilment?
ok quiting may not fill these voids entirely but you will gain enough strength to make changes in your life, and many new paths can open for you. best of luck. of course if you enjoy drnking for pure honest pleasure with no nasty hangovers or bad behaviour to others, then fine, but i think most people have been healthy drinkers for only a short peroid, i remeber myself many years back when i could handle it well with almost 0 side effects, but it gets to you over time.
Now ive been off the poison for 2 years, it sure indicates very quickly who your friends really are, and who the clowns are!

I'm 31 w/ two beautiful children, I've been divorced for a very long time. I get so lonely and bored that I found my self drinking a bottle of wine every night! I try to hide it from family and friends. It has broken up relationships (2). The last one I really love and I get so embarrassed because I call him or e-mail him the stupid drunken stuff. I don't know how to stop but I don't want it to get worse. Is there any hope?

i have decided that today needs to be the day that I stop drinking. I was always a social drinker - only on the weekends but would end up binging on a Saturday night. My husband left me last year and then I started - a bottle of wine a night, and hiding it. Now I have a partner who is great but I feel ashamed as i get so irritable when I dont drink but am stuffing things up when I do. My ex-husband comitted suicide last month and now I drink to stop the dreams and when I have a night of not drinking, I get cold sweats which I would imagine is withdrawls. I need to stop!

Hey I'm tired of wasting my life and giving the judge all my money from now on I say "let him get a real job, cause I'm not supporting him any more!"

Hey I'm tired of wasting my life and giving the judge all my money from now on I say "let him get a real job, cause I'm not supporting him any more!"

I quit drinking about 20 years ago and what made me was I blacked out and was driving and when I woke up the next morning and found out what I did that stopped me cold as when I was 18 my baby was killed by a drunk driver that also helped me to quit. I quit smoking 19 years ago after smoking 3 paacks a day and was coughing so hard I couldn't breath and I prayed to God for help for 3 months and he answered me . I haven't missed drinking or smoking either. My you all have sucess with your quiting.

I quit drinking about a month and a half ago after experiencing years of anxiety and battling depression with drinking. I started drinking when I was around 13. Then I would drink like one or two beers and be buzzed and it would be fun. When I was 14 I moved home with my parents there I would party with friend whenever I got a chance. My mother and father were really strict but when I was 18 I moved out and went to college that's when things got really out of control. I would party during the week and that's when it really started affecting me. I would miss class due to hangovers. I flunked out of college and got my own apt. That's when I drank about 4 times a week. It seemed like I would get panic attacks every now and then. Now it seems like every time I drink. I started ending up in the ER so scaried from anxiety that I would get shots to help me sleep. I'm 22 years old and sober going to school and I've been battling depression for about a month and a half. I don't like anti depressants. So my question to you all is. IS IT NATURAL TO FILL DEPRESSED AFTER ABRUPTLY QUITTING DRINKING? AND HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? BECAUSE I FEEL CONFIDENT IN MYSELF AFTER SITTING BACK REALIZING WHAT MADE ME LIKE THIS IT MAKES ME REALLY HATE ALCOHOL. I DON'T HAVE CRAVING AT ALL. WHAT ADVICE CAN YOU GIVE ME.

I'm 27 and have been drinking heavily for about 6 years now. Every day mostly, anywhere from 6-12, even 15 beers some nights. I basically for the most part drank until I passed out. It's out of control and I'm scared to stop, been reading about DT's, seizures, sites telling me NOT to go cold turkey and to admit myself into a program and see a doctor. Well, I'm on Day 2. I didn't sleep very well last night, but I've gone a few days before trying to quit, and I'm used to it. Insomnia, sweating, being anxious as hell for no reason. Now I'm just plain scared, I want to do it myself, but I don't want to DIE. I have access to some anti-anxiety drugs such as Klonopin and Valium, I figure that will help, as well as taking lots of Thiamin and drinking lots of Pedialyte/Gatorade. I'm ready for a few more sleepless nights as I hear the 72 hour mark is the peak, but I'm just scared.
Has anyone had long, heavy use and quit on their own?

Update; day 6. No sweat. This whole alcohol withdrawal has been vastly overrated in my opinion. Like I said, I've been drinking HEAVILY for 7 years, every day, 7 days a week. Blacking out, passing out, all sorts of insanity.

I wish you all luck, though. I'm sure I got off easy for some odd reason.

been drinking for 34ys it does start social in bars,But now I only drink at home. I have a wife does'nt drink.We love each other and just happy.I will give up drinking for me as for my wife she just loves me.Ive had detox before they never give you suport after 10 days they pass you over to yourself.Willpower is EVERYTHING.

I have been drinking very heavily now for the past couple of years, I am 23 and it is becoming a very big problem at home .. where do i begin on trying to quit?

Chris, I am on day 10 of no drinking. You really just need to do it for yourself, I don't know what else to tell ya. I stopped just cuz I was tired of it. Tired of doing it every damn day. Tired of living one long hangover. I suffered one sleepless night, and cried alot for 3 days. But then I was back to normal. If you've been going for only a couple years and I've been on for 7, I think you should be alright. Find something to do, try to keep your mind off it. Anyways, good luck, I'm sure I didn't help at all. But if I did it, anyone can.

HELLO EVERYONEI HAVE SUFFERED FROM ALCHOL LONG TIME TRIED GETTING HELP,worked for a while three years and then cant get a week sober.did aa to ashamed to go back,suffer from depression along time,help.I am 36 years of age and 5 children ,say a little prayer for me please thankyou.

I say everyone get druck tonight ha ha ha ha.... you only live once and if you are having anxiety stop thinking bad thoughts. You have to train your brain. Try this it helps me, the doctor told me to limit dricking to 3-4 days a week. On those nights I don't drink I eat dinner as soon as I get off work. This way I don't get into the mode of drinking. I hate to drink when I'm full. I drink a 6 pack everynight but have taken steps to not drink at least 3 days a week. Good luck.

hi i wish someone could tell me how to stop should i cut down first or just do it i have terrble aniety and drinking helps till later it gets worst i drink about 12 beers a nite can someone help

I drink everyday, 18 or so beers, or a pint of vodka and a 6pack on my good days. i am sick. I often think of killing myself, or joining the army. I fear that stopping will kill me. I suffer from panic attacks, and withdrawl for me sets me into a three day attack(on and off). I need help.

I just turned 25 and have been drinking every day since I was 14 years old. My mother and father are both alcoholics. The only gap in the daily drinking was when I was pregnant with my son. He is eight years old now and my alcoholism has progressed to such a point that I drink as soon as I get off work until I pass out, and on weekends all day long. I have tried to quit drinking before and only lasted a few days, because I was so irritable and depressed that I tricked myself into believing I am a better wife and mother when I drink as opposed to being sober. I told myself, "Well, I haven't had a drink in 4 days and I am snapping at everyone around me and feel like crap. Maybe I'm just nicer with a couple drinks. Maybe I'm causing my family more damage trying to quit."
I realize now that is just the disease talking. It tricks you into believing you have no disease.
Two nights ago, in a drunken rage, I kicked my husband out of the house, threw a glass framed picture of us in his face, and hungover and irritable the next morning snapped at my son and called him "worthless". This is not me. This is the monster the alcohol has made me become. Yesterday my husband and I had a long talk, cried, and agreed we will both quit drinking. He doesn't neccesarily have a problem, but knows if he smells of beer I will be all the more tempted.
I want to tell you the truth, I am scared to death. I'm sorry to ramble but while I know this is something I HAVE to do, I am terrified....of not being able to quit. All that I keep thinking about is my son, and how when I was his age I watched both my parents slowly kill themselves with booze. I don't want to give him the same life I had. My worst fear is he will become an alcoholic and ruin himself the way I have. Good luck to you all and thanks for anyone who read this long ramble! :o)

I quit drinking and love my life. I'm publishing a book on how and why I did it. I've been super productive, working full time, writing, raising my daughter, and do a side business. It's the best time ever.

My website has the chapter outline, some info, etc.

You Can Do It!
Simply Quit

Karen Gregg Price

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