I'll be leaving for a few hours to return to Japan. This trip was an abnormally long trip for me (over 1 week). Almost enough time for me to adjust to the time zone. Met a lot of people, but not everyone I had hoped to meet. Apologizes to those who I missed this time around.


I'm sitting in the airport lounge right now. Interestingly, resisting my ritual of having a glass or two of wine before getting on the plane is proving to be more difficult than I expected considering how easy it's been to resist drinking so far.

Anyway, I'm not going to have any alcohol, but it's funny how it seems to be a lot about ritual...

Thinking out loud here...

Ritual = institutionalized habit?
Whether it's on the individual or societal/cultural level, when desire or want is reformulated as "a must do", it removes a bunch of "checks and balances" (guilt, apprehension, etc...), no?

Perhaps this is why you feel it harder to resist in that context.

Just a thought. :)

"Ritual De Lo Habitual" - Jane's Addiction

Survived the flight without drinking and survived the welcome home dinner without drinking. ;-)

Now snuggled in bed with Bo. Nice to be home.

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