I'll be at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference February 9-12 in San Diego. It looks like I'll be doing a session with Ethan Zuckerman on the Emergent Democracy Forum day February 9th and a session with danah, Mimi, Howard, Scott and others on the 10th about mobility, identity and culture. Hope to see you there.

The panel members are not "final-final" so they are not on the web yet. I'll post the description of the sessions and the final-final members here when we get everything confirmed.


Wouldn't be a forum without you

Can you sign up just for the forum? I may not be able to afford the Conference, but might make it just for this...

i think you can just sign up for the forum - $100

I'm definitely gonna try and get out to this - but it'll depend on flights from the uk...

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