I especially recommend the 320 MB DVD-quality movie that one can download via BitTorrent. More info is at Dan Maas's site.

In case any one is interested I put up an rss feed of newest MArs images is at http://www.redtailcanyon.com/channels/Mars%20Photos.aspx/rss.xml

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Just in case you haven't heard or seen it yet, I highly recommend Susan's weblog for some really incredible coverage Read More

Spirit from Critical Section
January 5, 2004 7:07 PM

This animation is fabulous and awe-inspiring. By all means check it out! [ via Joi Ito ]... Read More

Well, I didn't bring a camera crew all the way here to Mars. And the Martian paparazzi are nowhere to be seen... :-( However, I just discovered that there is already an animated film about me. Wow, I'm a star! Ok, I know, I know. I'll shut up and start... Read More

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