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Hugh aka gapingvoid, one of my favorite online cartoonists, let me pick a cartoon and sent me 500 business cards with my contact info on once side, and this image on the other. After getting a stack of 500 cards that say, "You are the most important person in my Life" I realized the irony and realized that maybe I chose the wrong phrase. ;-p

I do think his idea of cartoons on business cards is a cool idea.

So what I need is a bunch of different cards ranging from "You are the most important person in my Life" to "Talk to the hand." Then I can choose which cards to give to people. This would be the intentional physical version of what Cory doesn't like about social software.

Of course, I would only give "Talk to the hand" to someone as a joke... really.


Well, I guess this just emphasizes that honesty is not the best policy.

Suppose you want to get away from a boring person at a party. Clearly telling them that they should stay away from you because they bore you is neither expedient nor compassionate, and only someone who never lied no matter what the cost to themselves could excuse saying it.

Still, I can see you might want to deemphasize the irony here. If you hadn't blogged about it, you could have tried to give them to as many people with no mutual contact as possible. How many friends do you have with no contact with blog readers?

I will trade you my personal card PLUS one hand inked card (design TBD) in exchange for one of these little beauties. Email me if you’re game. Could be an interesting analog pyramid meme here.

hey! no fair: that's possibly my favourite Gaping Void cartoon of all time...

though not one I would have chosen for a business card

I think the cards are great.

Just got mine yesterday, and they look great in the "real".

Why not order bunches of 50 cards with different designs?

Fun, i'd seen those but had not seen the source. If you like those, you may also like some of the many thousands of Potshots --

Best idea for business cards is one commonly used by realtors. Put your portrait on your card. It makes SUCH a huge difference, especially for those of us with major "Know the face, can't remember the name" syndrome. Also helps link cards with the people you met and what you talked about without having to actually take notes on the card right there and then.

My husband and I do a lot of art shows and regulary come back with a handful of business cards we toss because we can't remember WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE!

Hmmm... I can see the photo bizcards being effective, I just can't see them being NON-TACKY.

The blogcards always worked quite well for me... let's see how Joi gets on with them in Honolulu.

regarding "photocards". it's all in HOW you do it. Good design always overcomes tackyness.

Case in point: whenever I go to any event I make a special card. For SxSW last year, the card featured a picture of me sitting at a bar and looking away (the back of my head was what you saw). This was cross-faded to white where was written: Hi, my name is Boris Anthony, you met me at SxSW 2003. email, weblog URL. This worked VERY well. Outstandingly well in fact.

my 2 cents. ;)

I love the cards. What a great idea. Of course it would really help you to stand out in a person's mind, not that you wouldn't do that anyway.

I you feel compromised when business associates see your blog? I'm still conflicted over that issue for myself.

Joi, one of these days I'll show you the business cards we had made for us when we were working at the largest Japanese auto manufacturer.

We had 4 sets of cards, and each had a different quote on the back of the card (not a cartoon, sadly.) They were pretty cool cards (definitely not corporate ID approved) for us at the time (1998-2000.)

Mmm, off topic perhaps, but I too would be interested in your answer to Liz's question.

I'm intending to use my own blog as a focus for finding work and business, happily choosing to blur the boundaries between me the professional and me the individual. But I do wonder what effect my postings on my depression will have on potential employers or business partners. I guess it's a filter of sorts, in that I wouldn't want to work anywhere that couldn't handle me being a real person.

Blogs blur the line between professional and personal identity. Blogcards kinda do the same. I decided there was a lot of grey area between the formal corporate business card and writing one's name on the back of a cocktail napkin, and I wanted something that could bridge the gap.

re: brutal honesty

A friend of mine, B.J. West, when I met him in the late 80's and he was still working as a paste-up artist (yep, physical paste-up and he's got the xacto knife scars to prove it) carried cards in his wallet with the dictionary definition of "pretentious".

As a cartoonist I love this stuff! I only wish I'd thought of it!

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