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And even more racism...

Kevin Marks
RIAA's fake cops harrass based on racial stereotypes

'A large percentage [of the vendors] are of a Hispanic nature,' Langley said. 'Today hes Jose Rodriguez, tomorrow hes Raul something or other, and tomorrow after that hes something else. These people change their identity all the time. A pictures worth a thousand words.'
Langley is Western regional coordinator for the RIAA Anti-Piracy Unit.
I feel sorry for Sir Howard Stringer. I'm glad I don't have to hang out with people like the RIAA. (tech dirt on how Sir Howard might save Sony Music)

I wonder just how much racism in the name of "profiling" will be tolerated. Since the RIAA links piracy to terrorism, I suppose they'll expect us to tolerate a lot.


Ok, let's take a look at this.
Realistically how long is it possible for a business to prosper by suing it's own customers? I7ve been blasting the RIAA for a while now, but really is it even necissary anymore?

I say screw em! It's not like they are even needed anymore. All they are in reality are distributers after all. They are getting away with suing people for using thier own competition. The money supposedly lost from CD sales wasn't going to the artists in the first place, so what is the real benefit of using the RIAA anymore?

Maybe it's time to start moving in a nother direction, one that is already widely used. Joi, you're the expert. How hard would it be to build a legal and profitable music distribution network using P2P and something like the Creative Commons program?

Maybe the top 10% of recording artists will shun it, but that leaves 90% of artists who actually could gain a greater benefit by cutting out these jokers. and that aint bad is it?

People who "slice the world" based on meaningless attributes like ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc... are going to come across as idiots, just like this guy from RIAA. Slicing things the wrong way is a prescription for ill-informed strategy.

Why do people pirate? It has nothing to do with your surname being Gonzalez or Kennedy or Fukusen, but does a lot to do with economics and unmet market needs.

Hi Joi,
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sOMEHOW SPACE i dIdN'T GET THE WHOLE THING ABOUT HOW IT'S OKAY TO RECORD MUSIC OFF OF THE RADIO )AND IF USING A DIDGTAL radio could even skip digitizing step ) and save to an electronic medium ie cassette tape but same song when gotten off of internet spells the death of music? and i wonder how became illegal to swap files for free.
transferring copyrighted material for profit has always been illegal when did for free become? and is that what happened to free isp"s