I knew I would not be able to compete with the other bloggers in covering the content of ETech so I focused on photos. I've finally uploaded most of the decent photos here. I took the photos with my Canon 300D. I used a 55-200mm telephoto zoom lens which helped me be more invasive and catch people off-guard. It looks more like a collection of snapshots of my friends than anything resembling photojournalism. For some real photojournalism, take a look at the World Press Photo awards.


You shouldn't use flash, it makes the pictures look real bad. And when you anyway use 1600 ISO that should be far enough. I thought it was shots from your mobile first I saw them.
Maybe consider a Leica D1 [ samples ](or the new D2 coming this month) until the R8/R9 digital back comes.

Yeah, I know. The flash does wash stuff out, but I was using a 200mm lens and taking snapshots of moving things while I was moving too so I wanted to make sure I got it.

I am eagerly awaiting the R8 back, but it sounds like it will be at least the end of the year, right?

i love the blogger kid pic

The R8 back will be presented 28 Oct 2004 on a photo fair and then be in stores nov/dec. To judge by their recent infoletter on the development of the digital back it is ready for internal testing as we speak.

They, by the way, also committed themself to develop a digital M camera that will be out in two years, also 10 mio pixels or more (for those who have the M-series lenses). They are issuing 15 mio euro worth of stocks for that now.

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