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Bloggers will be reporters tomorrow in Iran

I'm trying to encourage Iranian blogger to go out tomorrow, the election day, and report what they see and hear in their city and blog it. I also plan to gather all posts related to it in one place either in my own Persian blog or in Sobhaneh, the collective news blog.

I also consider a place in iranFilter for those Iranian who know English to provide translations the reports that are gathered in Persian.

This can be the 9/11 for Persian blogosphere. It's the first event that potentially engages every body in every city in Iran and blogs can play a huge role in reporting the news, rumors, and all those things that traditional journalists usually miss.

Iranian bloggers do not vote tomorrow, but the blog.

Update: special page on iranFilter is now set up and it's ready for Persian bloggers' covereage on the election day. Please help us by translating whatever you find interesting in Persian sources into English.

A very important day for Iran and a chance for blogs to make a difference.


By the way, reformist parliamentarians who resigned over the recent electoral irregularities and staged a sit-in protest in the parliamentary chambers are still maintaining their blog (in Persian) at, and there is an affiliated blog (in Persian) at Hoder's excellent work takes up so much of his energy and time: I wish we had more people working on this to provide a regular source of translations for firsthand sources like this.

I guess Hoder arrived at the same idea, running translations can be found at IranFilter today.

The last I heard, reform-oriented parties were urging a boycott of the elections altogether, which means an almost certain win on the part of the conservative/fundamentalist factions.

Dave, right. Most reform-oriented parties have been banned from running. Thus the "don't vote, blog!" thing.

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