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That' me holding Ben

Ethan and Ben

At the Emerging Tech conference, more than one person noted the striking resemblance between Ethan Zuckerman and Benjamin Franklin. Coincidence? You decide.

A lot of the people working on emergent democracy look founding fatherish. I wonder if you start looking like a founding father after you start pondering or whether looking in the mirror each day causes you to go down the "pondering about democracy" path. Where does that put me?


Joi, you are definitely suffering apophenia.

Better save that benjamin for your wireless bill.

Hmm.. Looks more like the young Ben Franklin. Hmm.. Sounds like a TV series.

sounds like a new blog theme......which money do you look like? ;-)

Well he does look like Dr. Franklin. A Hollywood makeup artist could make him even more a precise body double for
Dr. Franklin.