Off to Austin for today SXSW and the Wireless Future conference. I'll be there until the 17th.

Logistics are on the wiki. I will be moderating a panel on wireless gaming on Monday from 15:30 and participating in a panel on Wireless and Grassroots Innovation on Tuesday from 15:30.

If you're in Austin, lets hook up.


If you need any help from a local Austinite email me. I'll be going to the films this week.

Hi joi, Hopefully I have a chance to meet you at Austin in SXSW, and I'm so expecting to join your meetup or dinner during this event. I am Isaac Mao's friend and also a blogger written in Chinese. If you have any plan about a dinner or meetup please let me know. Email or comment :)

Ditto comments above. Welcome to Austin. Hope to see you around and about.

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