Had a "lovely" time in London. Goodbye and thanks for all the chips.

I'm off to Finland today. I'll be giving a talk at the EVA conference tomorrow.


It was great to meet you, Joi =)

"The creative industries sector has an increasingly important role in OECD countries' economies. However, is it still valid to make a distinction of 'creative' industries? Are not all industries creative?"

Wow... that looks really interesting... I hope somebody blogs it =)

Just curious: Were you fed what they would call crisps, as in pubs, or what you might call fries, as in Belgium or the US? And do you mean that you -- or your hosts -- *said* that it was "lovely", but that it was slightly un-lovely?

Just to say hi!

Found about this blog from an article about you (www.klik.hr).


I just think it's cute when the English say, "lovely". Pete says it all the time.

cirano. That's an... interesting page. What does it say?

i was going to ignore the reference to 'lovely' in the main post... but now I find that Joi thinks it (I'm?) cute and that truly is lovely - so I can't...

great hanging out Joi - looking forward to the next time :)

As always, Joi, it's a total pleasure - thanks for your time!

Joi Ito: It's a short and interesting story about you. This is a webpage of a magazine "Klik", published in Croatia. If you're really interested in it, try to translate it from croatian to english with http://www.intertran.net/

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