Chatango is a lightweight flash based chat program that lets you put a chat window on your web page. If I'm online, you can chat with me. Otherwise you can leave me a message. I'm going to try it out in this post. If it proves to be useful, I'll give it a more thorough testing in my sidebar.

This button should let you know if I'm online or not.


Funny thing, pretty fast but the backspace key doesn't work well for me (sometimes he works sometimes not) and this is really annoying if you do a lot of typos.... ;)
Another thing is, that the programm won't let me out of his textfield, I type something in and if I'm typing somwhere else, like the address bar of my browser, I still type in chatangos textfield... strange :)

I think it would work better if you stayed online 24 hours a day :-)

Without presence status and alerting, this feature is not so useful. Joi will see individual comments, but how many people will hang around watching joi's blog to see if he responds?

Joi could create a Joibot ;-)

Well, the box would say if he was online. It might turn out to take a lot of his time though. It needs a message: I'm online but leave me alone.

If he has IM or that stuff (I'm not cutting edge) anyone with anything that they know would interest him can get his attention. This box is the equivilant of saying he's hanging out in the mood to chat, which is awesomely cool but might create problems given the number of readers.

It's an awesomely cool idea - just like his public to do list, which I don't think he is still doing.

One Word: JoiHeckleChatBot

Well Joi, thanks for the mention of this. First time I ever heard of it, and I'm going to give it a spin.

how to use Chatango with proxy?
With it i can't connect Chatango, and then, i can't chat.
I'm always offline......

just find something interesting to share, it is like chatango but it is link to my MSN, Yahoo or AIM account without need to install single program and allow me to handle more than one userid or accountname with unlimited request (of course handling more than 2 requests will be difficult by my human hand). According to the site they have web based voice, IM that allows communicate with AOL, Yahoo and AIM buddy into single windows and even text conference.

hey,i thought that chatango would be great though ive followed there instructionsto add it to my page and its just not happening!
anyone know what im doing wrong here?

hi umm I have a problem with chatango. I tried logging in but it takes me 2 then when I click on the page it never comes up it only goes 2 internet explorer... I think chatango hates me.. I just dont know what 2 do.. TT.TT I need help......

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Chatango is a lightweight flash based chat program that lets you put a chat window on your web page. If You're online, you can chat with the other people on your website.. (thanks to Joi Ito for the hint).... Read More

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Chatango is a lightweight flash based chat program that lets you put a chat window on your web page. If I'm online, you can chat with me. Otherwise you can leave me a message. I'm going to try it out... Read More

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Inspired by Joi Ito, I added

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