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Maciej has posted an audioblogging manifesto about why he thinks audioblogging is a stupid idea. Very funny. He makes good points, but I'm not convinced that audioblogging doesn't have a future. Listening to his audioblog makes me want to make a mashup of all of the audiobloggers he mentions. ;-) (4.1MB mp3 / text version)


I had a commentor on my blog tell me that I had missed the point, and that the whole thing is made ironic by the music in the background. He thinks that obviously we are supposed to believe that Maciej doesn't mean any of that. Perhaps I'm overly irony-deaf or even overly defensive but I didn't get that out of it. It seems straightforward enough to me, parodic but sincere. But then, what do I know?


I thought Maciej's manifesto was brilliant in that it showed both why audioblogging works if done properly and why it doesn't work if done improperly (see also my thoughts here).

I don't think Maciej is the kind of person who uses phrases like "Brothers and sisters, we deserve better than this" without irony, but there's always the possibility to ask him on irc what he really meant.

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